Tikka Recipe

Tikka Recipes are the famous and a must part of Pakistani and Indian Cuisines. There is no barbecue restaurant where tikka is not available. Tikka recipes are very famous and in demand spicy food in South Asian countries especially Pakistan and India. Pakistani and Indian food streets are full of barbecue shops where different meat tikkas are being cooked on skewers all the time.

The most popular tikka in the region is chicken tikka. It's spices are matchless; eaten with paratha or chapati, raaita, salad and cold drink is also a must. Chicken tikka is usually made either of breast piece or leg piece of chicken. You can eat it without chapati or paratha as well. People prefer it eating with paratha because it tastes best with partha than anything else. After chicken, there is beef, mutton and lamb meat for you to cook tikkas with. Find recipes of various tikkas and try the unique tastes must.

Yet you may have thought that the only way to enjoy a tikka is to buy it but good news is that you can cook it at home too. KFoods.com will tell you how to make different tikka recipes yourself at home. We have posted different kinds of tikka recipes of different meats. Learn to make chicken tikka, beef tikka, mutton tikka and so on.

KFoods has presented Tikka Masala Recipe by Chef Tahira Mateen, Subway Tikka Burger, Chicken Tikka Chunks by Chef Tahira Mateen, Reshmi Tikka by Chef Shireen Anwar and Tikka Boti Masala by Chef Rida Aftab.

Here are many more recipes in this section. Just pick a scrumptious tikka recipe for your today's meal, prepare the salad, raaita, chutney and enjoy with chapati or paratha. Take a bite of tikka and take a sip of cold drink and indulge into a world of magical taste.

Whether you like fish tikka or a spicy beef tikka, KFoods.com presents it all. Find exclusive recipes for making all kinds of tikka yourself. Find not only tikkas but also dishes that make use of tikka meat. Get recipes for tikka pizza, tikka karahi, tikka biryani, tikka burger and many more.

So find your fantasy tikka and make it a reality with the help of given recipes by KFoods.

Tikka Recipe Reviews

I make tikka boti recipes because of it is very spicy and delicious snack to enjoy with all your family members. If there are different occasions, try different tikka boti every time. You would enjoy it a lot believe me.

  • Shahlaila, Quetta
  • Aug 28, 2017

I was so excited to try this recipe for the very first time in my life and I feel so glad to tell you that my experience went very well. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  • Saima, Hunza
  • Apr 15, 2017

This is my favorite recipe that I always want to eat. I am very much grateful to you for providing me with this much easy recipe to make chicken tikka. It was superb.

  • Sadaqat, Toronto
  • Apr 08, 2017