Boti Recipe

Boti Recipe - Get lots of delicious recipes of boti and barbeque that you can make with mutton, beef and chicken. Make barbeque in a new style with new and unique dishes which will ignite your taste buds. offers a big list of scrumptious and juicy boti dishes that are perfect for a barbeque program with friends or family. From Balochi Tikka Boti, Achari Boti, Beef Bihari and Kaleji Tikka to Malai Boti, Dam Ki Boti and Chicken Behari Tikka Boti, you have lots of options. Experience a new taste every time you party with friends. continuously updates new boti recipes for you. All these are introduced by famous Pakistani Chefs and cooking experts. Each and every recipe will be a new form of deliciousness for you. In Pakistan, almost everyone holds a barbeque boti program after Eid ul Adha (Bakra Eid) with qurbani meat. So whenever, you plan a barbeque program, open the boti recipe page and get plenty of dishes for your party.

KFoods also offers many chicken boti recipes; let's see which one you like. Hope you would end licking your fingers!

Boti is a form of barbeque foods in which meat is cut into small (chewable) pieces, then marinated with certain spices and then cooked on coal on skewers. The most famous spices for boti are from Pakistan and India where bihari boti, kerala boti and Hyderabadi boti are the noteworthy recipes for boti.

Boti Recipe Reviews


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  • Jul 29, 2020

I should eat this bihari boti this time on Bakra Eid. Since last time , my mother made their own dishes and afterward reasonable meat was done . This Eid ul Azha , I will pre plan to make this Bihari boti and spot the necessary meat aside . I will myself make this Bihari boti.

  • shabana amjad,
  • Jul 23, 2020

Dam ki Boti looks absolutely delicious and somewhat hard to make but the recipe present here makes it seem very easily. I will try this recipe this today and try the deliciousness with my family.

  • saddi raza, hyderabad
  • Jun 28, 2018