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Chicken & Beef Steak Recipes - اسٹیک ریسیپی consist of meat steaks that are spiced and cooked according to different cuisines. For cooking a steak, boneless part of meat is taken which also has no fats attached to it. Recipes of meat steaks usually belong to some European Countries like Spain, France and Italy. Mexico and America are also known to introduce good steak recipes. However, steaks recipes are now introduced in Pakistan as well as other Asian countries. You can find decent restaurants offering dozens of steak flavors.

What is a Steak

Steak is a piece of sliced meat cut along the fibers of the meat. Steak by default refers to the beef steak, however other meat steaks are referred to with their names. Other than beef, there are mutton steak and fish steaks as well. Steaks can be cooked with different methods such as broiling, frying and grilling. A grilled beef steak tastes best as compared to those cooked using other methods. Grilling a steak is almost similar to cooking it with coals. It is cooked in sauce as well.

Best Meat for Steak

To get the maximum taste of a steak, you must choose the right cut of the meat. The steak should be tender, soft and perfect without the fragments of fats. The best beef steaks are usually obtained from rib, tenderloin and short loin cuts.

There has been an increasing tendency in demand of steaks in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh since couple of past years. Various steak restaurants have been opened in these countries during the last two decades. Beef and mutton steaks are available now in major Pakistani cities like Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi however with the help of recipes provided by, you can make delicious steak recipes at your home as well.

Leading Pakistani Chefs and, both have made it easy for your to cook steaks at home. Top Chefs of Pakistan like Chef Rida Aftab, Chef Zakir Qureshi, Chef Naheed and Chef Fauzia have introduced various kinds of steak recipes and brings the collection here for you.

Find here the big list of chicken and beef steak recipes and cook the one you like for today. Enjoy the steaks.

Steaks are very popular in USA, Mexico, and in some European countries: Italy, France and Spain. Lately, it was introduced in Pakistan, India and other South Asian countries as some fast food restaurants are offering it in large cities in the region.

However, now Pakistani chefs have revealed the recipes for steaks and some of them are presented here by See them and learn how to make beef or chicken steak recipes at home, easily!.

Chicken Steak Recipes in English

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how to make the beef tender

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  • Mar 10, 2021

steaks are good and wonderful that I always like them to eat and enjoy with my family. chicken steak is particularly delicious and easier to make as compared to beef steaks. Is there any thing like mutton steak?

  • Muniba, Naroowal
  • Nov 27, 2017

steaks are the best food options for enjoying whenever you have some special meat of beef or chicken. I sometimes especially visit the chicken seller and buy chicken chest (boneless) for making steak. This time I would try your recipe.

  • Nida, Sialkot
  • Nov 20, 2017