Seviyan ki kheer Recipe in Urdu

Find delicious Seviyan ki kheer recipes in Urdu with our easy-to-cook recipes crafted with our simple cooking tips with proper step-by-step instructions, required ingredients, and cooking time. Seviyan ki kheer recipe is one of the common and most searched dishes in the Ice Cream & Deserts recipes category. Enhance your cooking journey and enjoy creating Seviyan ki kheer recipes in Urdu with available user-friendly, procedure instructions in Urdu recipes.

Seviyan ki kheer
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سویوں کی کھیر
باریک سویاں ایک پاؤ
دودھ دو لٹر
چینی آدھ کلو
گھی تین چھٹانک
چھوہارے چند دانے
بادام کی گری ایک چھٹانک
کیوڑا ایک بڑا چمچ
پستہ آدھی چھٹانک
سبز الائچی چند دانے
کھلے منہ کی دیگچی میں گھی خوب گرم کر یں۔ الائچی کے دانے بھون لیں اور پھر سویاں ڈال کر اس وقت تک بھونیں کہ ان کا رنگ بادامی سا ہو جائے دوسرے پتیلے میں دودھ ڈالیں اور چھوہارے ڈال کر چولہے پر چڑھا دیں مدہم آنچ پر پکنے دیں۔ یہاں تک کہ دودھ آدھا رہ جائے۔ اب بھنی ہوئی سویاں چینی اور بادام کی گری ڈالیں۔ سب کچھ گاڑھا ہو جائے تو سویوں میں جذب ہونے لگے اور کھیر جیسی شکل نکل آئے تو کیوڑا ڈال کر دم پر رکھ دیں کسی مناسب برتن میں کھیر اُنڈیلیں چھوہارے کتر کر اور پستہ اور بادام بھی چھڑکیں ورق لگائیں۔
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Find out the Seviyan ki kheer Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Ice Cream & Deserts. Seviyan ki kheer is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Seviyan ki kheer and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Seviyan ki kheer

Seviyan kheer recipe is prepared on Eid day as a traditional dish in Pakistan and India. Also known as semiya payasam, it is a tasteful sweet which reflects the culture of the East.

مزید آئسکریم, سوئیٹ ڈیشز ریسیپیز
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Seviyan ki kheer recipe is very scrumptious and I love to have to breakfast. While Americans have cereals for breakfast with milk, I have seviyan ki kheer which is more nutritious of course.

  • Farooq, Sharjah, UAE

The combination of the yummy and very easy to digest kheer with seviyan to make seviyan ki kheer is by far the best innovative combination there is. I love to eat and try seviyan ki kheer recipe during holidays.

  • Jamaila , karachi

Today I would try this seviyan ki kheer tonight and first I will enjoy with my family and then serve it tomorrow to the guests. I like kheer recipes every week.

  • Kania, Rawalpindi

This time I am making a list of ingredients needed for making Eid things. I listed dried dates (chuhare), milk, chandi vark and some other things. I want to fully indulge into the joys of Eid and so I am personally doing shopping for Eid dishes. May be we make this kheer too.

  • Salman Aziz, Lahore

There are lots of options for me to make Eid dishes and at this time, i cannot decide what to make. There are dozens of sweets, sheer khurma, vermicelli etc. and biryani etc. Now I am seeing this as another recipe for the kheer but can't decide ... :)

  • Roba, Islamabad