Loki Ki Kheer

Get here a delicious Lauki ki kheer recipe with a great taste to enjoy. is a top listed dessert of every menu; its a favorite dish for various kinds of occasions. Very simple to make at home and best for the health as well. So let’s try this loki ki kheer and give your views.

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1 Bottle Gourd
1 liter Milk
1cup Sugar
125 gm Khoya
few drops Kevra water
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
4 tbsp Rice
4 tbsp Clarified butter
For garnish Dry fruit`
How to make Loki Ki Kheer


* Peel the skin of bottle gourd and take out seeds and shredded.

* Take a pan and put 4 tbsp clarified butter, bottle gourd and 1/2 tsp cardamom powder and cook it for 5 minutes.

* Now cool it on room temperature and add 1 liter milk with I cup sugar and cook it on low flame.

* When milk starts boiling and all sugar dissolve add 4 tbsp rice and cook it, when batter become thick add 125 grams khoya and mix it.

* In the end add few drops of essence and dish it out. Garnish it with dry fruits.
Posted By: Kim Khan, Karachi

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Reviews & Comments

lauki kheer is good and cool and everyone loves to eat it. I have made different kinds of kheer and phirni and also a rasmalai once but now I want to make this kheer. My husband brought different vegetables including loki in bulk. So i thought i should make halwa with it.

  • Samiya, Gujrat

wondering about this delicious kheer as I only knew about lauki halwa which is really my love. Now i saw we can also make kheer with it, I will try it and serve as sweet dish after the meal. My father in law must like it.

  • Sunera, Lahore

Hi I love to eat lauki kheer because it is superb cold and amazing. I have eaten it many times and I would recommend it you as well. I have taught the method of lauki ki kheer to many other people as well such as my relatives and cousins.

  • Yamna, Rahim Yar Khan

I would make several kheer recipes tomorrow for a family gathering. I would make lauki kheer, phirni kheer and/or a badam kheer. Hope everyone would like my cooked kheers and enjoy. I want to make the best taste sweets.

  • Faiza, LHR

I will make this lauki dessert and pudding , it looks very delicious. In fact let me tell you that there are many kinds of halwa recipes however lauki halwa and kheer has no match at all. I have to make this kheer so I will serve it in the dinner.

  • Shazia, Pindi