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Aloo Achar
Aloo Achar

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Aloo Achar
Zeba - Karachi Mar 14, 2017
I have been preparing achar for around 5 years. I have made carrot achar, mango & keri achar, chilli achar and now I am planning to try aloo achar. I think if potatoes are tenderized well, it will be very tasty.
Boneless chicken achar handi
Haniya - Lahore Mar 06, 2017
You have given boneless chicken achar handi which looks nice and tasty however I want more chicken recipes because my kids only enjoy these kinds of recipes. They ask me to make this again and again. I have then to bring its ingredients every week.
Aloo Achar
Jessi - Gujranwala Mar 03, 2017
wow that's great to have an aloo achar. I already ate different kinds of achar recipes but this would be first time ever to eat an aloo achar recipe. I love these unique recipes that are uncommon because they come with hidden tastes that we usually are unaware about.


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