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Aloo Achar
Aloo Achar

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Hyderabadi Gosht ki Tahari
Aisha - Karachi Nov 07, 2018
Hyderabadi food is very tasty and delicious. Hyderabadi gosht ki tahari is very traditional and tasty also. I love to eat it. My mother makes some world best Hyderabadi gosht ki tahari.
Hyderabadi Gosht ki Tahari
Mehnaz - Dehli Oct 19, 2018
One of my Hyderabadi neighbors made this once. I looked for the recipe and found it here. It really tasted well.
Hyderabadi Gosht ki Tahari
Faisal - Gujranwala Sep 26, 2018
my wife makes Tahiri with potatoes, I will suggest her this recipe to make with mutton. Hyderabadi cuisine is very tasty and I love the flavor of it. really amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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