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Chicken Malai Boti
Seemi - Badin Oct 16, 2017
making this malai boti is an easy one. I was making it before with a difficult recipe however now I follow your recipe onwards. Because it is very easy and we keep making it almost every week or twice in the month.
Curried Minced Beef (Kheema)
Nabiha - Lahore Oct 16, 2017
Seems good to cook and enjoy with family. I have myself tried dozens of keema recipes but this is the best one. I enjoy beef keema more than mutton and chicken ones. And I love enjoying it with farmaishi chapati (buy from outside tandoor).
Chicken Malai Boti
Hamna - Khanewal Oct 16, 2017
malai boti boht mazaidar hoti hai , main boht shoq se khati hoon, meri apiya boht maze maze ke khane banati hain , unho ne jab malai boti banai mujhe waqai boht pasand aai or maine socha ke main khud banaun gi or jab dil kare ga khud bana liya karun gi.


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