Spicy seafood rice

Spicy seafood rice is a combination of some very quality rice with tender prawns and fish. Spicy seafood rice is a very fine and unique rice recipe. Spicy seafood rice is magically tasty. Combine the spicy and spicy taste of red chilies with this Spicy seafood rice recipe. Spicy seafood rice is very famous all over the subcontinent. People of Pakistan and India both love the Spicy seafood rice.
Spicy seafood rice is made live at cruise. They catch live prawns and fishes and make seafood rice there. It is a great experience to watch that. Here we provide you the original recipe for spicy seafood rice.
Spicy seafood rice is very rich in proteins. We should definitely add white meat to our diet and this Spicy seafood rice really fulfills this need. You can make Spicy seafood rice with chicken, mutton and beef also but the taste of Spicy seafood rice is the best among all. You can serve Spicy seafood rice with salad. Hope you find this recipe very helpful.

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cleaned prawns 250 g
boneless fish 250 g
boiled rice 1/2 kg
oil 1/2 cup
button red chili 6 whole
carrots 1/2
salt 1 tsp
spring onion 1/2 cup
sambal oleak 1 tbsp
soya sauce 1 tbsp
sweet chili sauce 1 tbsp
siracha sauce 1 tbsp
dry corn flour 1/2 cup
red chili powder 1/2 tsp
How to make Spicy seafood rice


Marinate fish and prawns with salt, corn flour and red chili powder for 20 minutes.
Now deep fry for 5 minutes.
Now heat oil in a pan and stir fry rice. Add all the seasoning and cook till the aroma comes out. Add fish and prawns. Toss well.
Garnish with green onions.
Posted By: Emaan, Islamabad

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