Minced Meat and Cabbage

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Cabbage___ 1 no
Ghee___ 250 grams
Red pepper___ 50 grams
Crushed green coriander___ 1 tola
Whole seasoning___ 50 grams
Beef minced meat___ half kg
Onion___ 750 grams
Turmeric___ 1 tola
Ginger___ half bundle
Salt___ as required
How to make Minced Meat and Cabbage


Add some salt in minced meat and half seasoning and leave it.

Then fry the ghee and add some of onion in it and heat them to red.

After that fry minced meat into ghee to red and draw out from the boiler and place into any plate.

Likewise boil the leaves of cabbage into water(its quantity should be low) to make them soft and keep separate after drawing out from water.

Now grind the remaining seasoning and add into fried minced meat.(Grind seasoning very finely) Chop onion and ginger finely and mix coriander and layer over the leaves of the cabbage and then tie the leaves with thread.

Now layer the remaining seasoning and then tie the leaves with threads.

Now fry the remaining seasoning into ghee and fry the tied
leaves into this ghee.

When leaves are about to fry then cover the boiler with flour and shake slowly the covered boiler within intervals.

After half an hour take out the boiler from the stove this curry is an especial invention of an ancient family that is why its recipe does not exists in any book and only family members of that family know about this.

This recipe is a long and complicated process but it gives tasteful and delicious food in the end.

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