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Simple Cake Recipe and mithai recipes in urdu are scrumptious and very easy to cooking, people enjoy Cake Recipes and Dessert Recipes and many other sweet recipes in urdu throughout the world all year around. Here you can find & get splendid Chocolate Cake Recipes, Birthday Cake recipe, simple cake recipe, Gajar ki kheer recipes, Jalebi recipes and much more mithai and sweet recipes in urdu.

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Chocolate Pastry is a very very delicious recipe that I usually make as a cake during evenings or night when I get hungry. But the best part is that it’s super healthy and I can eat it as food.

  • Rabia Anjum,

Marble Cake Cake, Sponge Cake, Cream Cake and anything cakes all these are delicious foods and if you make them in an interesting way, they would taste truly great. I occasionally make these things and my kids like it and demand for more.

  • Rana,

Ohh yes Cup Cake is my Favorite. You make it very simple and very easy with clear and detailed recipe of Cup Cake. i like this Cup Cake recipe and hope i will also like the Cup Cakes when i will make with the help of this recipe,.. Thank you

  • Rabia Zohaib,

Fondant Cake its look like a beautiful. I will make this Fondant Cake on my younger sister''s birthday. Because This recipe is very easy and very very simple.. So I will try this Fondant Cake''s Recipe

  • Khumaisa,

Easy Sponge Cake is great recipe, I have tried a many of recipes from this Kfoods, a lot of them are good but this one compelled me to write a review, very good. Husband is a big fan of cakes even though he is not Pakistani but he loved the flavor too. Kfoods Thank You So Much

  • Catty,

Truly a simple way to make 5 Minute Cake You are easy awesome and this website is always assisted me in cooking. Thank you so much for this very delicious recipe. Please upload more recipes of different types Cakes..

  • Rana,

Kfoods thanks for sharing biscuits Cake Rusk recipe, Cake Rusk is my most favorite one. I can make many recipes, my best cooking area is appetizer and snack recipes and if you like I can submit it to your website.

  • Komal Ali,

When i eaten Easy Sponge Cake for the first time, i decided then and there that i would learn making it so that I could eat it whenever I like. I also want to learn more Pakistani recipes in Urdu so that I could get command on all my favorite recipes.

  • tayyaba farooq,

Very good and delicious recipe, I had never made before, But when look at your recipe, then I made it. I made Easy Sponge Cake very good, and everyone appreciated. Thanks

  • shabana amjad,

Sponge Cake recipe is a very delicious recipe, i have done this type cake recipe

  • namra khan,