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Get simple cake recipes at Among hundreds of cakes and sweets, offers selected homemade cake recipes in Urdu and English langugaes for your ease. Find hundreds of cakes and cake-like dishes and delight up everyone in the party.

Cakes imply merriments, joyness and sense of happiness. Seeing a cake somewhere, one can get the picture of celebration, success or a merriment around. We often need cakes in our lives; mostly for someone's birthdays but also to celebrate an achievement, for a newly married couple, to show love to someone, to serve to coming home guests and sometimes for no reason. Sometimes, we want cakes not for ourselves but to wish others a success or a memorable day of happiness. As the reasons grew, numbers and varieties of cakes also grew to a great extent.

People often buy cakes from bakeries and sweet shops but there are lots of homemade cake recipes for birthdays and for certain other events that can be easily made at home. offers easy cake recipes from scratch including chocolate cake recipes, kids birthday cakes recipes, sponge cakes recipes, cookies recipes, homemade cake recipes without oven and loads of more in the series. If there is a birthday or sort of party around the corner, don't seek it from bakeries when you can make it yourself with a little work.

This recipes list at counts in hundreds, for any event and for any occasion. From pineapple cakes to chocolate cakes, you will find all of the cakes recipes for your party. Pick a recipe and start baking; let's see how sweet a cake you can bake!

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You left out the quantity of flour in the ingredients list - but mention adding flour later on. How much flour is needed? Thanks!

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