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اسٹرابری فلڈ پیسٹری Strawberry Filled Pastry

اسٹرابری فلڈ پیسٹری Chef:Naheed Ansari

Pineapple cream pastry Pineapple cream pastry

Chef:Shireen Anwar

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Stuffed Fried Pastry Puffs (Kachoris)
Mah Peekar - Islamabad Mar 30, 2017
Pakistani chefs are the best ones and I have learned lots of things with their shows including Stuffed Fried Pastry Puffs (Kachoris) recipe. And I watch masala shows to learn more Indian Recipes from Rida and Shireen Anwar.
Pineapple cream pastry
Mehmood - Bahawalpur Mar 10, 2017
If you want some better recipes, then visit kfoods , I got pineapple cream pastry recipe and tried it and then my family says that where you get these recipes from and get more cake recipes and make for us.
Strawberry Filled Pastry
Afera - Peshawar Mar 05, 2017
Once I visited to Multan city, my cousin cooked Strawberry Filled Pastry recipe and we all enjoyed a lot. We then visited shrines at Ghanta ghar area. My cousin has great expertise about cooking appetizer and snack recipes. Now when I would get holidays, I would visit her again and learn all recipes.

Pastry Recipes - kfoods offers you extensive range of delicious Cake Recipes and there are a variety of healthy Pastry Recipes for making your dining experience remarkable. Here you can find easy Pastry Recipes and many more in different traditional tastes that are specially brought to you from the desk of experts to feel the infinite taste.


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