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Sindhi Biryani Recipe

Sindhi Biryani is among the most famous recipes of biryani in the region. In Pakistan and India, yet there have been introduced dozens of different biryani recipes however Sindhi Biryani, which uses set of specialized Sindhi spices, making it a unique and distinct piece among all other biryanis. You must have heard ... Read More

Rice Recipes Reviews

Gur Walay Chawal

My husband said it wasn't sweet enough and added more sugar but I love it as is. As for those who say they loved this recipe but changed ingredients, you do realize don't you, that if you change an ingredient, add an ingredient or delete an ingredient then it is no longer this recipe.

Jan 04, 2019 Kanwal Khanewal

Bombay Chicken Biryani

The addition of potatoes in bombay chicken biryani is remarkable. I love to have biryani and try a lot of biryani recipes.

Dec 27, 2018 Shazia Karachi

Yakhni Pulao

Although I do not like yakhni pulao, but all the people in my family loves it. Therefore I need to learn it and I tried the recipe of yakhni pulao mentioned here on this page. It really came out nice and aromatic.

Dec 26, 2018 Tazeen Karachi