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Chutney is basically a sauce created by grinding the ingredients together. Chutney is highly consumed in the subcontinent especially with snacks. It is a must on a Pakistani dinner table. It can sometimes be dry, thick or runny in texture. Chutney Recipes provide you wide range of elegant and delicious recipe and there is a variety of homemade Chutney recipes for making you comfort. We have a lot of chutney recipes which are made from vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. In Pakistan, our women love to have spicy food and want to add more flavour to every dish. Chutney is the best condiment for those who want to add the taste to their meal. We have so many chutney recipes to serve with rice. In Ramadan, chutney becomes a must condiment with pakora recipes. We have a huge list of best chutney recipes which are served during Ramadan also.

Top chutney recipes in urdu:
Tomato chutney
Dates chutney
Khubani ki chutney
Mint chutney
Aloo Bukhara chutney
Lal chutney
Imli ki chutney
Ginger chutney

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Imli aur Gurh Ki Chutney recipe is brilliantly displayed and explained through very easy picture! I simply followed this recipe and I am surprised that it turned out better than shops here.

  • sadaf,

my mom made Imli Ki Chutney and store it for month of Eid. We for the most part eat this Chutney with Roll,samosa''pakora etc.

  • Tahira khurram,

Aloo Bukhara Chutney this is so great recipe for make at our house with the tasteful and delicious taste because it is so love of all of the family members that the everyone like to eat.I try many recipes and I found this recipes is quit simple.

  • shumaila amjad,