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Club Sandwiches
bilal raza - hyderabad Feb 24, 2018
club sandwiches are my all-time favorite dish and the recipe you have uploaded here is the common and most famous sandwich mam always makes sandwiches according to this recipe.thanks, kfoods.
chicken sandwich
rimsha ghanchi - karachi Feb 24, 2018
I love this recipe. This is so tasty and easy that anyone can easily by watching this recipe. The taste of chicken sandwich is unique and I always like this recipe.thanks, kfoods.
Dawn Bread Club Sandwiches
Nageena - Sahiwal Nov 27, 2017
is it murghi ka gosht or chicken? because you have written murghi ka gosht in the ingredients whereas in the method, you have termed it as gosht. Please clarify so that I could make this sandwich as soon as possible.

KFoods offers dozens of sandwich recipes to make at home. Household women can try kabab sandwich, chicken sandwich, pizza sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and many more with recipes provided by

Sandwich is a common snack food made with bread and some kind of filling. Generally, a sandwich is a food dish with two or more pieces of bread slices containing either a kebab, meat patty, vegetables, chicken or any other food stuff. Initially, sandwich was introduced as a easy-to-carry food item which got ultimately popular across the world.

As people move to work, travel to office or other places, they need such foods which stay fresh for some time and are easy to take along. This was fulfilled by the sandwiches. Mothers pack sandwiches for their kids for school. Wives place sandwiches for their husbands while they leave for work.

How to Make a Delicious Chicken Sandwich (Step by Step Recipe)


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