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Egg Sandwich Egg Sandwich

Chef:Chef Fauzia

چکن فلے سینڈوچ Chicken fillet sandwich

چکن فلے سینڈوچ Chef:Shireen Anwar

گرلڈ سینڈوچز Grilled Sandwiches

گرلڈ سینڈوچز

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Butter Egg Sandwich
Najiah - Lahore Apr 24, 2019
I am in love with this recipe. This is so tasty and easy that anyone can easily by watching this recipe. The taste of butter in butter egg sandwich is simply superb in these sandwiches.
Paneer Sandwich Pakora
sunbul - khi Apr 16, 2019
Without Pakora, Iftari is definitely incomplete. I am here to learn about different Pakora recipes which my family wants to eat. This Paneer Pakora recipe brings water in my mouth, noting the steps to try it in this season.
Butter Egg Sandwich
Dania - Faisalabad Jan 06, 2019
It tastes like margarine (would be butter if you use that obviously) with a little bit of egg yolk and spice in it. I wouldn't make it every day, but it's a fun little snack. Thanks for the recipe!

KFoods offers dozens of sandwich recipes to make at home. Household women can try kabab sandwich, chicken sandwich, pizza sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and many more with recipes provided by

Sandwich is a common snack food made with bread and some kind of filling. Generally, a sandwich is a food dish with two or more pieces of bread slices containing either a kebab, meat patty, vegetables, chicken or any other food stuff. Initially, sandwich was introduced as a easy-to-carry food item which got ultimately popular across the world.

As people move to work, travel to office or other places, they need such foods which stay fresh for some time and are easy to take along. This was fulfilled by the sandwiches. Mothers pack sandwiches for their kids for school. Wives place sandwiches for their husbands while they leave for work.

How to Make a Delicious Chicken Sandwich (Step by Step Recipe)


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