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The chicken sandwich recipe is an extremely popular snack as well as a main course dish prepared by filling the crust with chicken originally from Atlanta where the owner invented an alternative to hamburger and it went viral. Today, the chicken sandwich recipe is equally popular and a favorite food item across the world in most of the countries despite belonging to the cold United States and Canada for a long time and were exactly distributed during the colonization period. The chicken sandwich recipe is easily available in restaurants and even roadside food stalls and here is a simple chicken sandwich recipe which you must try and make at home. You have to prepare a mixture of boiled chicken (mainly chicken breast, mayonnaise, boiled egg and pepper to fill in as a layer between the slices of bread. You can serve it as the protein-rich breakfast or as a snack in the evening with ketchup or fries and also in front of your guests.

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Chicken pieces (boiled)
Egg (boiled)
How to make chicken sandwich


* Add mayonnaise, chopped boiled egg and small pieces of boiled chicken and mix them all.

* Take bread and remove its crust.

* Place the mixture you just made between slices of bread.

* Now take a clean piece of cloth, dip it in water and then squeeze to remove the water.

* Wrap sandwich inside the cloth for 5 minutes.

* Remove the cloth and sandwich is ready.

* Enjoy with ketchup and sauces.

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Chicken pieces (bOiled)
Egg (bOiled)

Banane ki tarkeeb

aik bowl main mayonies,kata hoa ubla anda,small small pieces of boiled chicken daal ka mix kar lain.phir bread ka kinara kat lain .phir us main bana hoa material mix kar lain .Phir koi saaf kapra gila kar ka achi tarha nichore lain.phir sandwich kapra ma lapat ka rakh dain.5 minute ka baad sandwich radi.phir ketup ka sath maza say khain.

Chicken Sandwich is a famous snack, to be taken in breakfasts, in brunch, hi-tea and also taken in lunch. It's recipe involves lightly spicing the chicken and using with toasted bread slices. Different variations of chicken sandwiches also involve using buns instead of slices. Usually a boneless chicken breast is served in bread slices, in a roll or bun. It is also known as chicken burger in different world regions. It can be used as main course meal or a teatime snack.

Chicken sandwiches use chicken fillet or boneless chicken breast, bread or bun and condiments. You can use boiled, deep fried, roasted or grilled chicken which can be seasoned accordingly to add spiciness. In some recipes, eggs are also used to feature the sandwich. Egg is boiled, cut into pieces and placed with chicken in the sandwich which also tastes good. Chopped or shredded boiled chicken is also used for the sandwich. There are lots of variation, spices and methods, it depends upon you how you want to make the sandwich. Enjoy here the standard recipe at

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Delicious! I love chicken sandwiches and my husband loves anything with chicken. 5 stars! Definitely a keeper recipe! I used mayo and some spicy brown mustard as additional.

  • Mehnaz, Islamabad

Delicious! I love chicken sandwiches and my husband loves anything with chicken. 5 stars! Definitely a keeper recipe! I used mayo and some spicy brown mustard as additional.

  • Mehnaz, Islamabad

I love this recipe. This is so tasty and easy that anyone can easily by watching this recipe. The taste of chicken sandwich is unique and I always like this recipe.thanks, kfoods.

  • rimsha ghanchi, karachi

I made chicken sandwich for my sisters, when they came back from hostel. They were so glad on this because I gave them gifts and threw a bit of party for their welcome back after completing MBBS.

  • Aaima, Sahiwal

Chicken sandwiches are best to be kept with yourself in the bag. I made these my university friends. They were so happy to eat it. All of them were amazed that I made it by myself. Please share some fast food recipes like this one. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  • naheed, Mir purkhas