Impressive Shoes Ideas for Eid 2015

Eid ul Fitar 2015 is near at hand. Markets are getting crowded day by day. Dresses, shoes, accessories and every fashion thing is being rushed for. Girls as a priority, prefer buying dresses and shoes at first priority and this is the time, girls are hurrying to markets to seek after the trending shoes for Eid 2015.

While shopping for Eid, girls look for items that are latest, fresh and first time to come in the markets. That is why shoes vendors stack their shelves with the most recent variety in fact the selected Eid shoes variety. If you happen to visit markets and shopping centers in your respective cities, you can observe the charming collection of latest Eid ladies shoes.

Eid is getting imminent. Are you done with your shoes selection? If you are yet in the balance to come to a point, presents latest shoes ideas for Eid ul Fitar 2015. This article will help you in choosing an ideal footwear to glamorize your feet on Eid day.

1. Low Heel Sandals

Low heel sandals are beautiful, comfortable, easy to walk and also adjust with any kind of dresses. There is big variety of low heel sandals available in the markets. Try the latest designs that perfectly matches with your Eid dress. Visit outlets of big brands to go for an optimal buying. Choose a design which is relaxing and suits your feet.

2. High Heel Sandals

High heels are more glamorous, look more beautiful and wearing them would reflect an obvious difference in your personality. High heel sandals are though beautiful however they are less comfortable than shoes of other categories. You have to be more formal as well as more careful while taking steps. You can wear them on Eid day if you like, if situation suits you and if you feel comfortable wearing the pair.

3. Flat Shoes and Slippers

Some girls like flat shoes as they are very comfortable and easily adjust with any kinds of dresses. Flat shoes are light weight, good in quality and they keep the feet calm and relaxed. You can purchase a fancy pair of flat ladies shoes for Eid. Shoes with a matching color with your dress would work to show off a true elegance of you.

Let's get the latest eid shoes ideas for girls. is giving some ideas for you to select shoes for Eid 2015. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to us to decide the kinds of shoes we should buy for Eid. Find below ideas for Eid ladies shoes with latest variety of 2015.

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where to buy these shoes? please tell me , I am planning my Eid shopping and must undertake it on this weekend.

  • Nasira, Karachi
  • Jun 16, 2017

very nice designs. Are these for 2015 or latest for 2016 collection? and where are these designs available? pls. tell me.

  • Bina, Hyderabad
  • Jun 21, 2016