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دال سموسہ Daal Samosa

دال سموسہ Chef:Chef Gulzar

Crispy Aloo Samosa Crispy Aloo Samosa

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

Samosa Chat Samosa Chat

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

آلو کے سموسے Aalo Samosay

آلو کے سموسے Chef:Chef Afzal

کرسپی سموسے Crispy Samosay

کرسپی سموسے

Chocolate Samosa Chocolate Samosa

Chef:Noreen Amir

زیرے کے سموسے Zeeray KAY Samosay

زیرے کے سموسے Chef:Chef Asad

Samosa Recipes Reviews

Chicken Samosa
javeria - islamabad Jun 04, 2018
Chicken samosa recipe is one of the most easiest things for more. It is the most fulfilling and the kids just love it! I always make chicken samosa for the guests. The trick is to freeze samosa for next use so when you have sudden guests, it gets so easy to just fry and serve.
Chinese Samosa
hira Khawaja - karachi Jun 04, 2018
I absolutely love Chinese! I also love samosay so this Chinese samosa recipe is a great invention as I can have two of my favorite things in one! Chinese samosa is an absolute blessing for me!
Mix Vegetables Samosa
Kashmala - karachi Jun 04, 2018
I’m a vegetarian and I must say that I love how this website is vegetarian-friendly. I tried the mix vegetable samosa recipe and it came out absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing mix vegetables samosa recipe!

Samosa is a highly demanded evening snack recipe in Pakistan. presents tons of spicy recipes for different variations of Pakistani Indian samosas. Find delectable recipes of chicken samosa, beef keema samosa, vegetable samosa, aloo samosa, Chinese samosa, daal samosa and Punjabi samosa in easy Urdu and English languages.

Samosa is pastry-like snack, filled with potatoes, minced meat, vegetables or chicken. It is deep fried in a pan and eaten as evening snack with raita or tomato ketchup. Origin of samosa is believed to be Central Asia however now it is a regular everyday snack in South Asia especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Samosa shape is usually triangular or tetrahedral. Common samosas in Pakistan are potato samosa (aloo samosa), minced meat samosa (keema samosa) and chicken samosa. In India, usually vegetables samosas are popular. Vegetarian samosa with mint sauce or chutney, originated from Uttar Pradesh is a common appetizer snack in India.

Samosa recipes are the most looked about snack recipes in the holy month of Ramadan. Dining tables at iftar time must contain a platter filled with aloo, keema or chicken samosas. A raita bowl is also found around to accompany your samosa bites. Around 70% to 80% people eat samosa at iftar time in Pakistan. You can observe the sweets and samosa shops where a huge crowd of people is waiting to buy different samosa varieties even before they are available.

Learn all recipes of samosas and try at home. You would like enjoying homemade, neat and clean samosas at home.


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