Wondrous Health Benefits of Chikoo Fruit

Today, we are going to reveal some fantastic health benefits of chikoo fruit, that you may hardly know before. Chikoo also written as chiku and chico, is a sweet, oval shaped (sometimes round) fruit; it's peel resembles to that of potato. It's tree gives fruits two times in the year. It has wondrous benefits for health. Chikoo contains various kinds of vitamins like folate and niacin as well as minerals like potassium, zinc and iron.

Health experts recommend to eat chikoo fruit in many diseases. Eating chikoos regularly also lowers various kinds of health risks.

Read all chiku benefits in Urdu and plan adding it to your regular diet.

By Aqib Shehzad  |   In Health and Fitness  |   1 Comments   |   34191 Views   |   02 Feb 2016
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