10 Delicious Pakistani Ramadan Recipes

1. Samosa

Samosa appeals at iftar time, isn't it? You eat one and you would seek for another. You can now prepare samosas for iftar yourself.
Here are the most delicious Pakistani samosa recipes or try chicken mayo samosa.

2. Pakora

Pakora is a definite item for iftar. If you are looking for other than common pakora, here are some recipes for you:
mix vegetable pakora recipes
or try a chicken pakora recipe.

3. Cutlets

Cutlets serve delicious light snacks for iftar. Since it is a less common snack in Pakistan, you can serve it and win the appreciations from your family.
chicken cutlets recipe or mixed vegetable cutlets recipe.

4. Fruit Chaat

Fruit chaat is my favorite and I trust, it is yours too. You can make it with your favorite fruits as it will enhance the taste. Follow the recipe to make a perfect fruit chaat for iftar.
fruit chaat recipe or creamy fruit chaat

5. Aloo Vada

A tasty spicy snack to serve with iftar. Serve it with ketchup and powdered spice. This is the combination I like to have it with.
Here you go with it:
aloo vada recipe.

6. Dahi Bara

It seems there is something missing in iftar, when there is no dahi bara. Here we tell you the perfect way to prepare dahi bara (with tamarind chutney):
dahi bara recipe and find here variety of dahi baray recipes.

7. Kala Chana

Black chana, oh wow! Please gimme a bowl of black chana and yeah, don't forget to add some lemon juice and coriander and onion.
This is the best deal for iftar, find the recipe:
kala chana recipe.

8. Chana Chaat

Chana chaat, this is one of most-common iftar things in Pakistani culture. Lovable and adorable, you would like to repeat it in iftar everyday.
Find it here: chana chaat recipe.

9. Chicken Kabab Roll

This is the appetizer you must give a try. It makes the difference! When you are tired of eating everything you knew, now make a kabab roll.
Get it here: chicken kabab roll recipe.

10. Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani is the best main course to serve at iftar. Everyone likes to eat biryani. Serve it after basic iftar things and everyone is surely gonna give it the nod.
chicken biryani recipe by KFoods or make beef biryani recipe.

More iftar recipes?
Get here a big list of Pakistani ramadan recipes

Here are the top 10 Ramadan recipes from Pakistani cuisine.
Make each snack the best way with iftar recipes presented by KFoods.com.

Imagine there 2-3 hours left for iftar and you are still in the balance what to make today. While you have to keep the choices of your husband in mind.
So what to do now?
Not to panic. At all!
Here are Ramadan special food recipes to serve a pleasing, perfect and delicious menu.

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Make the best dishes with these great recipes which could extremely helpful for all the individuals who needs to make the new pakora. Decent recipe. You can likewise figure out how to make Chicken Tikka Kfoods.com

  • Erma Shah, Islamabad
  • Apr 07, 2020

Onion is always at home as it is a regular part of the ration. So it comes every 1st of the month for the whole month. This is the easiest option for me to make at home, I like its taste too so I prefer it over other pakora and in the coming days, I am also looking to make it in Ramadan. I think this should be added to this 10 Pakistani Ramadan recipes.

  • Jamaal, Islamabad
  • Apr 07, 2019

10 Delicious Pakistani Ramadan Recipes Chicken biryani is one of the most top 10 delicious dishes the best main course to serve at iftar Everyone likes to eat biryani Serve it after basic iftar things and everyone is surely everyone like its really to make it.

  • Amna, rubina
  • Nov 22, 2018

All of these traditional Pakistani Ramzan recipes are worth trying. No fancy recipe can replace this tradional Ramzan culture. I love all these dishes a lot. My Ramzan is incomplete without them.

  • Anas, Sukker
  • Sep 23, 2018

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