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بغیر تلے ہوئے دہی بڑے Baghair Talay Hue Dahi Baray

بغیر تلے ہوئے دہی بڑے

کومودیا (گجراتی دہے بڑے) Kamodia (Gujarati Dahi Baray)

کومودیا (گجراتی دہے بڑے)

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Dahi Baray Recipe Reviews

Burns Road Ki Dahi Phulki
sahil - New york Jun 01, 2017
I live in New York, when ever i visit to Karachi, i go burns road to enjoy desi foods specially Matkay wali dahi phulki . I never forget its unique taste , thanks to share this delicious recipe.
Burns Road Ki Dahi Phulki
misbah - montreal Jun 01, 2017
in one hour phulki not remain it become mushy
Mash Ki Daal Kay Dahi Baray
Maha - sahiwal Mar 10, 2017
I was the first to make mash ki daal kay dahi baray in my family. And we have lots of iftar items listed in our diary and we keep cooking special kinds of recipes.

Dahi Vada or Dahi Bara Recipe, also known as Dahi Bhalla in Punjabi, Dahi vada in Hindi and Doi Bora in Bengali is a type of chaat, prepared with phulki (bhalla) and dahi (yogurt). Phulki are first deep fried in the oil, then taken out and stored in water and then soaked in beaten yogurt. Dahi baray taste best when soaked in yogurt for hours. The dish is usually topped with coriander, ground black pepper, chili powder and chaat masala which makes the taste superb.

Dahi Baray is a very popular recipe in the whole region of South Asia. In Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, dahi bara recipe is eaten as an evening snack. Though, it is easily available in the market, people like to get it prepared at home. Women keep dahi baray recipe in their diaries and when men ask them to prepare it, they follow the recipe steps in order to prepare dahi baray snack. Muslims in the region eat this snack in iftar in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak.

KFoods.com offers dozens of dahi baray recipes including aloo ke dahi bare, burns road ke dahi bare, besan ke dahi bare and also dahi phulkian. Learn and enjoy the tasty dahi baray recipes at your home..

Adrak Dahi Bara Recipe

Realizing the importance and demand for dahi bare, many Pakistani chefs shared their recipes for making this tasteful yogurt snack.

Following are some dahi bhallay recipes from top-notch Pakistani chefs:


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