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Ramadan recipes for Iftar are full of tempting and delightful food items. They consist of special Ramadan dishes such as pakora, samosa, chana chaat, sharbat, kachori, chicken rolls and dahi baray. The long-awaited iftar time with appealing crispy spicy snacks truly makes the fasting Muslims feel rewarded. read more

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Bread Pakora
Kashif - Nordhorn May 21, 2019
Aaj hi yeh recipe dekhi idhr se aur try bhi ki, bohhttttt maze k bane.
Besan ke Dahi bade
Rukhsaar - Thatta May 06, 2019
M Ye almost try krti rehti hun awsm instant dahi bary
Butter Egg Sandwich
Najiah - Lahore Apr 24, 2019
I am in love with this recipe. This is so tasty and easy that anyone can easily by watching this recipe. The taste of butter in butter egg sandwich is simply superb in these sandwiches.

Iftar recipes:

Iftar recipes in urdu- Ramadan Iftar Recipes are the most searched trend on internet during the month of Ramadan. Pakistani women love to try different Iftar recipes for their family and loved once in tjhis special month. Preparation of Special Iftar begins almost 2 to 3 hours before the Iftar time. Apart from usual Pakora, Samosa, and other Iftar snacks, if you are looking for a genuine Iftar menu, then try our dedicated online Iftar Recipes page. It gives you access to some taste worthy Ramadan Iftar Recipes instantly on your smart phone or tablet. You can search through our Iftar recipes and pick and choose a decent one which you think you can prepare at that time. Simple and easy to make Ramadan Iftar Recipes are just a click away.

We ensure you with different kinds of iftar recipes in which we have:

  • Pakistani iftar recipes
  • Easy iftar recipes
  • Healthy iftar recipes
  • Quick iftar recipes
  • Special iftar recipes
  • Different iftar recipe ideas
  • Special summer iftar recipes

Run to the ground for the whole new world of tasty and some falvoursome Ramadan Iftar Recipes with us. You can now grid up everything at home and no need to visit extravagent restaurant this Ramadan. Comprehensive Iftar recipes include snacks like chicken and vegetable roll, samosas, shami kebab, sandwiches, Chana chaat, Dahi Phulki, Dahi baray etc. You can even gear up with mint chutney and other various varieties of chutneys at home going along with our page. KFoods also provide you easy access to Ramadan Iftar recipes from Pakistani cuisine.

Iftar Recipes Described in Urdu, English and Video:

Recipes are described in multiple formats for making it easy for the people. KFoods provides all Ramadan Iftar recipes in Urdu, English as well as in video formats. This makes it easily accessible for users to search, select and make the desired Iftar recipe at home. Not only Pakistanis, but the people overseas can also facilitate themselves from this convenience. 

Ramadan Video recipes make it more helpful to understand a recipe. Watch your favorite chefs preparing scrumptious Ramadan food in videos presented in Ramadan video recipes section. 
Iftar is the time to relish good healthy food after completion of your fast. Enjoy tasteful Iftar recipes for snacks and drinks and thank to ALLAH SWT for his blessings and rewards. Do not forget poor in Ramadan. 
Share Ramadan food you make with your neighbors and poor nearby and avail as much virtues as you