Top 10 Ramadan Snacks and Drinks Recipes

Ramadan ul Mubarak is an always awaited month of the Islamic calendar. From children to elders, everyone seeks the arrival of Ramadan. Elders take Ramadan as a special time opportunity to offer prayers and collect the blessings the month of Ramadan is about to bring. Women, kids and other family members also express an unsaid feeling of happiness and wait toward the holy month.

Besides many blessings and happiness, Ramadan ul Mubarak also gives us an opportunity to enjoy meal with whole family which is usually not seen to be happened other than Ramadan. At the time of Iftar, all kids, brothers, sisters and parents sit on the table and have iftar meal together. In the month, women also make new foods, drinks and dishes especially for the Iftar time which are not part of our meals prior or later the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is about to come again. brings the top 15 foods and drinks recipes for you to enjoy this Ramadan. Here is the list with description. These food and drink recipes are healthy, nutritious and not only great in taste but also easy to prepare at home.

Snack Recipes for Ramadan

1. Dahi Phulki

Dahi phulki is a mouth watering snack, a must item for iftar and an easy to make at home recipe for Ramadan. We hardly taste it throughout the year but with the blessings of Ramadan ul Mubarak, we happen to enjoy dahi phulki recipe almost everyday. Yogurt is already a recommended food in Ramadan, so have it the rich way. It's a wonderful match of small dumplings with yogurt, add spices according to your taste and enjoy the spicy dahi phulki at iftar times.

Get dahi phulki recipe here

2. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches are of thousands of types. Some of common sandwiches in Pakistan are chicken sandwiches, beef and keema sandwich recipes. Today, we are telling you about a unique and very crispy chicken sandwich for iftar. This is a crispy chicken sandwich recipe introduced by Chef Shireen Anwar. This wonderful sandwich would definitely make your iftar up.

Get crispy chicken sandwich recipe here

3. Kala Chana Chaat

Kala Chana Chaat is another basic recipe for iftar. Most of the women serve black chana chaat regularly at iftar. It is rich of energy and nutrition. When you take it at iftar, it gives you the power and energy your body requires. It's chaat is very tasty; make it wet or dry, it's up to you. Stack your chaat bowl with onions, chopped tomatoes, and mint to increase the taste.

Get kala chana chaat recipe here

4. Cheese Pakora

Seeing Pakoray on Iftar table is par for the course. We know that we would definitely be having pakora at iftar time but what if you enjoy a new taste of pakora. Here we come with Cheese Pakora recipe. This pakora is tastier than standard pakora that you eat everyday in Ramadan. Enjoy cheese pakora with raaita, chutney or sauce, you would love it.

Get cheese pakora recipe here

5. Egg Sandwiches

Serve the soft egg sandwiches at iftar and win the hearts. Egg sandwich is another easy and light snack food perfect for iftar. It requires nothing but bread slices, eggs and some vegetables. This is a nice way to serve eggs. Follow the recipe with easy given instructions; be prepared, you may be asked to make it again and again.

Here is the recipe of egg sandwiches

6. Chapli Kabab

Thinking of something spicy for iftar? why not a chapli kabab? Among the sweet desserts and drinks, presence of chapli kababs would shine up the menu. Chapli kebab is a famous Pakistani food; whether it is Ramadan or some other month, desire to eat chapli kabab is always ready to grow. People mostly think that a chapli kabab is only available in the market, not at all. is offering its recipe which will make it easy for you to cook it at home. Enjoy chapli kabab in Ramadan to have a new wonderful experience.

Get chapli kabab recipe here

7. Chicken Bread

This is something unique but worth tasting. After chicken this and chicken that, have the wonderful taste of chicken bread at iftar time. Chicken bread is a tasty chicken snack. The recipe is simple and can be made within an hour. Enjoy with chilli garlic sauce or tomato ketchup, from kids to grandparents, everyone would praise it.

Recipe of Chicken Bread

Drinks for Ramadan

8. Falsa Sharbat

Falsa Sharbat recipe comes right on time. As these are the hottest days of summer, falsa (Grewia Asiatica) is also there in the market and here comes the holy month of Ramadan. Besides, being a very tasty fruit drink, falsa sharbat also helps keep the body cool. You don't need to do a lot of tasks to make it, just bring falsa at home and a couple of remaining ingredients are already available at home.

Here is the recipe of falsa sharbat

9. Falooda

Falooda is the superb cold recipe for summers. People often like to enjoy falooda after meal. It is cool, refreshing, and sweet ice cream drink which is a choice of everyone. Who wouldn't be liking the ice cream scoops with rooh afza, and falooda in iftar in the hot summer season. Add it in your Ramadan Iftar menu, you would be likely to repeat the recipe again and again.

Recipe of Falooda

10. Melon Drink

Milk shakes, Red Sharbats, lemon drink and this and that. Everything is tried and tested. Melons are available in the markets. Get some melons home and make this simplest drink for iftar time. It would also be helpful in reducing the heat effects, maintaining the body hydration, and also a tastier replacement for ordinary drinks you make everyday for iftar.

Get the melon drink recipe here

There is always a difference in eating in Ramadan. Almost everyday at iftar, we are to try a new food which we have just heard about. Household women are seeking newer recipes to cook for making the iftari. Yet some regular foods are going to cook regularly everyday but almost always there is something new on every coming fasting day. brings the top 10 Ramadan recipes for you. This recipe list consists of spicy snacks, desserts as well as cold refreshing drinks. The wonder list of ramazan recipes contains some new and unique foods besides the regular iftar items. You must enjoy making, serving and eating these recipes. Let's find the recipes below.

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Top 10 Ramadan Snacks And Drinks Recipes

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Top 10 Ramadan Snacks and Drinks Recipes as important as it is to fast, it is equally important to eat wholesome and healthy food try this simple yet interesting snack recipe when you run out of ideas to make a Ramadan meal interesting this chips is easy to make it.

  • anabia, Karachi

All of these recipes are the delicacies for Ramzan. These recipes re-create the original tradition of Ramzan at our homes. I find these recipes as a taste of my childhood.

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When read any recipe on K food just feel like Allah give me some wings that i can fly to Pakistan. Excellent K food website

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Top 10 Ramadan Snacks and Drinks Recipes

Top 10 Ramadan Snacks and Drinks Recipes ہر کسی کے لیے جاننا ضروری ہیں کیونکہ یہ ایک اہم معلومات ہے۔ Top 10 Ramadan Snacks and Drinks Recipes سے متعلق تفصیلی معلومات آپ کو اس آرٹیکل میں بآسانی مل جائے گی۔ ہمارے پیج پر کھانوں، مصالحوں، ادویات، بیماریوں، فیشن، سیلیبریٹیز، ٹپس اینڈ ٹرکس، ہربلسٹ اور مشہور شیف کی بتائی ہوئی ہر قسم کی ٹپ دستیاب ہے۔ مزید لائف ٹپس، صحت، قدرتی اجزاء اور ماڈرن ریمیڈی کے فوڈز میں موجود ہے۔