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Fried Mutton Chops
Saima Shah - Faisalabad Jan 06, 2019
This is a flavorful marinade that can be prepared in short order. Reserve the onions and sauté them to serve alongside the mutton.
Afghani Mutton Biryani
Fareed - Karachi Dec 24, 2018
no one likes the lamb and mutton meat in my family but still, I tried this recipe for afghani mutton biryani. This turned out very juicy and tender meaty biryani. I will give it a 5 star.
Afghani Mutton Biryani
Najiah - Dehli Oct 06, 2018
this afghani mutton biryani is surely a new version of biryani and I will definitely try this at home. As biryani is loved by everyone, I'm sure this recipe would be love also.


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