nariyal wali tali machli by chef zakir

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Qormey wali chicken Biryani
Mahleka - attock Mar 16, 2017
I was searching the internet to look for new taste of biryani and then I found this one. Now I am going to the kitchen to try this. Will tell you about the taste after making and eating it,.
Kaddu Wali Daal
Nadira - Islamabad Mar 13, 2017
kaddu wali daal has a great taste and if you want to enjoy the best thing for the evening, try its recipe. You would love dal recipes and enjoy.
Kharay Masalay Wali Mash Ki Daal
Tehreem - Islamabad Mar 13, 2017
Is mash ki daal suitable to have in the month of March ? Because my mom says that some dal recipes should be eaten in certain season seeing the whether. You must be food experts and you can better tell me.


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