Rai Mein Chupi Sehat Ke Khazane

health benefits of eating mustard seeds
Nutritional Treasures in Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are small greyish or blackish yellow round-shaped seeds which are maximum 1mm to 2mm in size. In Asian countries, they are obtained from a plant named "Sarson", whereas in botanical terminology, it is called Brassica. Mustard Seeds are obtained from a botanical plant namely Brassica Juncea.

Here are some worth knowing nutritional treasures in Mustard Seeds.

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this is great information but one thing tell me plz about yellow teeth because i have what should I do?

Mar 14, 2018 noman qureshi karachi

good knowledge about rai. please tell us in how many ways can we use rai as food? and how to use?

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Its really good to know about Rai. i didnt know about it before read this info. thanks to share ..

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