7 Cool Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

Hack 1 | Polish Nails Perfectly Every Time

While we polish nails, it usually spreads outside the nail which makes it look awkward. To prevent this scenario, here is a little trick.

  • Apply some lotion around the nails using a cotton bud.
  • Don't let it on your nails.
  • Apply nail polish then on your nails.
  • Then wipe-out the polish outside the nails (lotion wouldn't let it stick).
  • And then dry.

Hack 2 | Dry Nail Polish with Ice Water

Cold temperature makes polish dry fast. You can use ice water for this purpose. Take chilling water in a bowl and dip your nail-polished hands in it. It will make your nails dry quickly.

Hack 3 | Protect Top Coat of Polish

Wash hands using mild soap. Avoid using sanitizers for hand wash as it makes nails dry and spoils the top coat of the polish.

Hack 4 | Open a Tight Polish Bottle

Wrap your nail polish bottle with a rubber band. It will give you a better grip on the bottle cap and so the cap will be opened very easily.

Hack 5 | Fix Air Bubbles in Nail Polish

Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands. This will prevent creation of air bubbles in the bottle.

Hack 6 | Drying Polish Fast with Hair Dryer

You know you can use hair dryer for drying your nails too. As we knew above, nail polish dries in cold fast, we can use our dryer for this. Set it to the coolest and blow your nails. Cool air will make them dry quickly.

Hack 7 | Drying Polish with Freezer

Put your hands into freezer for a while and your nails will be dried before you take them out.

Today, I am going to tell you some cool tips for nail polish. These tips and tricks would help you a lot. Girls play around with their nail polish collection almost everyday. They need to apply new polish, remove old one, practice some nail art or organize the bottles for next use. Yet there are many things that are part of your nails polish life.

The 7 tricks we are going to explore here would make your nails related tasks easier and smarter.

Let's come to the point.

Here are the top 7 interesting nail hacks for you:

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wonderful..:) I will keep them in mind when applying nail polishes. I have made full collection of colorful polishes and now I am also going to buy washable.

  • Sohni, Faisalabad
  • Jan 14, 2016