Top 20 Muharram Recipes

Muharram Food Recipes

1. Haleem Recipe


2. Chicken Biryani Recipe


3. Chana Pulao Recipe


4. Qubooli Recipe


5. Sindhi Biryani


6. Chicken Badami Korma Recipe


7. Mutton Korma Recipe


8. Harissa


9. Hyderabadi Kache Gosht Ki Biryani


Moharram Sharbat Recipes

10. Doodh Ka Sharbat


11. More Muharram Sharbat Recipes


Muharram Special Recipes - Sheermal and Tikiya

12. Sheermal


13. Taftan


14. Meethi Tikiya


Muharram Sweets Recipes

15. Kheer


16. Rasmalai


17. Rabri Recipe


18. Zarda Recipe


19. Phirni


20. Suji Ka Halwa


Find the top 20 Muharram recipes including haleem, biryani, qorma and more.

Holy month of Muharram ul Haram is around the corner. is sharing here the top 20 food recipes that are needed and followed throughout the month. We have divided the recipes into 4 categories i.e. i) food recipes which contains main course foods, ii) sweet recipes such as kheer, zarda and phirni etc., iii) special moharram recipes which include sheermal, taftan and tikiya recipes and iv) sharbat recipes.

Find out category-wise list of Holy Moharram Recipes:

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Top 20 Muharram Recipes is a very popular recipes of muharram which is made by a variety of ways to make it I have shared in this post traditional recipes.Muharram is the new month of the Islamic year its tenth day is called Ashura.Muharram recipes is famous for ashura which is made by a variety of ways this recipe and everyone enjoyed it.

Nov 22, 2018 Ateebah Karachi

All of these recipes sound pretty nice and interesting. Muharram is a sacred month of the Islamic calendar and its respect worthy. People keep fast on the 9th and 10th of Muharram. These recipes will really help in those days.

Sep 17, 2018 zehra saudia

nice recipes. We make Haleem, sheermal and tikiya for majlis and also serve sharbat but we make pink sharbat. Thanks for sharing these awesome recipes for muharram majalis.

Sep 27, 2017 Shazia Lahore

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