How to Make Rasmalai Step by Step

رس ملائی بنانے کا آسان طریقہ

See how to make rasmalai recipe in Urdu and English with step by step picture instructions shared by Whenever I hear about RasMalai, my mouth starts watering as it is certainly one of the most delicious desserts. It's sweet refreshing taste would allure you every time when you feel like having a sweet. Ras Malai is often chosen to be presented at parties and occasions.

When there is Eid to come, or you hold a family gathering at your home, ras malai is one of those dishes that work perfect at occasions. Eating rasmalai after the meal gives sense of a complete handsome meal.

I know you would be peeping around for recipe. Yea, I am presenting a quick and easy rasmalai recipe with milk powder for all those who like Pakistani sweets. Keep scrolling down to view the pictures and find the full recipe in Urdu below with complete ingredients and method.

Tags : How to Make Rasmalai at Home How to Prepare Rasmalai

mix dry milk, eggs, baking powder and oil in a bowl

form flat or round shaped objects from the mixture

cook green cardamoms and sugar in milk for 12 to 15 minutes

add rasmalai balls in milk and cook for 5 more minutes

when rasmalai balls are inflated and soft, set the stove off

cool and serve in a dish. Garnish with almonds and pistachios.
A delicious rasmalai is ready

rasmalai banane ki tarkeeb

Preparation of Rasmalai:


  • Dry Milk: 1 cup
  • Egg: 1
  • Oil/Ghee: 3 to 4 tablespoons
  • Baking Powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Milk: 1 liter
  • Sugar: 1 cup
  • Almonds: 10 to 15 (thin chopped)
  • Pistachios: 10 to 15 (thin chopped)For Garnishing:

Procedure for Preparing Rasmalai:

Making Rasmalai Balls

Mix dry milk, eggs, baking powder and oil in a bowl and knead well. When kneaded gently, form flat round balls with the mixture.

Preparation of Rasmalai:

  1. Boil milk in a pan and add sugar and green cardamom and cook more for 12 to 15 minutes until it becomes thick.

  2. As it starts getting thicker, gently add rasmalai balls and stir with ladle. Cook for 5 minutes.

  3. When rasmalai balls get softer and bigger in size, remove from the stove. Transfer in a large bowl and garnish with almonds and pistachios.

  4. Rasmalai is ready. Serve and enjoy!

That's a nice rasmalai recipe in Urdu and English. Hopefully, it was easy for you to make a rasmalai with step by step pictures. Let's share the sweetness with others.

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  • Tahira - Islamabad Apr 20, 2017

    rasmalai is a great sweet and i like to make it myself often for everyone. Rasmalai is great to eat, once you eat it, you would ask for it again.

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    I made it for my kids and I think it’s a best way to provide them with the best of the health. My younger liked this dish so much and I would like to thank you for the recipe. Thanks a lot.

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    I am very fond of eating rasmalai and from now and onwards you have given me the way to make it by myself at home. Thank you so very much for this outclass recipe.

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    I made the rasmalai b following this recipe and it was really too much good in taste. I would like to say that all the credit goes to you that it was made so perfectly ad errorlessly.

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  • Memoona - Sukkur Mar 06, 2017

    Wah, i really admire your step by step method for making rasmalai. I have seen many rasmalai recipes but normally it is presented in simple text even without any image. I can see here many images with each step described well. It is very well described, well managed and this is the recipe where anyone would come and definitely make the dish without any difficulty.

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  • Sidra - Karachi Feb 22, 2017

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  • Zumar - Karachi Jan 28, 2017

    Mujhe ras malai bht pasand hai, lekin kbi b thek nhi banti mujhse, mai bilkul isi recipe ko follow kr k bnati hun but wo tikiyan sari ghul jati hain jese he dodh main dalo.

  • Andleeb - Frankfurt - Germany Dec 13, 2016

    Love this recipe bcz it is my favourite sweet dessert. This is the only form of cream I eat otherwise I don't eat it. Here in Germany, we hardly get any Pakistani dishes so we open pakistani food websites and search our required recipes.

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    Can we use khoya instead of dry milk powder..... plz tell me....

  • Humayun - Manchester Nov 25, 2015

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  • elizabeth Dayalu - lexington Sep 27, 2015

    please provide the recipe in ENGLISH, THANKYOU

  • sobia nasir - lahore Jul 27, 2015

    thanks janab .. rasmalai boht hi delicious hoti hai hum to boht shoq se khate hain or ab ghar ki bani hui rasmalai bhi try karen ge