Suji Ka Halwa Recipe

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To Prep
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Sugar 3 cup
• Yellow Colour few drops
• Suji 1, 1/2 cup
Water 3 cup
Cardamom Green 4-5
Ghee 3 tbsp

How to make Suji Ka Halwa


* To make sugar syrup, take sugar and water in equal quantity.
* In a pan heat sugar and cardamom seeds.
* In water add food color and mix well.
* Pour this water in sugar and mix to make syrup.
* When sugar is fully dissolved, syrup is ready.
* Leave syrup to cool.
* In a separate pan, roast semolina.
* Then add sugar syrup to the semolina.
* Mix well and boil.
* When it comes to boil add ghee and cook.
* Mix thoroughly so that it would not stick to the base of the pan.
* When ready takeout in a platter and garnish with nuts.
* Serve with Mathri or Puri.

Farah Jahanzeb Khan Posted By: sameena,

Suji ka halwa recipe (semolina pudding) is the most cooked halwa in Pakistan. Women are seen asking for suji halwa from their neighbors. Cooking a suji halwa is taken as a ritual and a tradition based on hundreds of years. Shab e Baraa't, Shab e Mairaj, Ramadan ul Mubarak and Qura'n Khwani, all these events are fragrant with the fresh aroma of suji halwa.

Besides being cooked on the occasions, the traditional semolina pudding is sometimes eaten as an evening dish. Suji halwa recipe is very short, simple and easy and also the halva can be stored for several days.

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Let's try this delicious suji ka halwa recipe at teatime tonight.

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Reviews & Comments (181)

Shehr Bano - Lahore Jan 06, 2019
Great little breakfast! I only made 1 serving, I knew the hubby wouldn't like it. If you grew up, like me, eating cream of wheat this is what it reminded me of. It was very easy and good.
Alia - Lahore Oct 10, 2018
This suji ka halwa is such an easy and amazing recipe! All-time favorite dessert. I do make it once a week for my family as it is nutritious also.
Mehnaz - Islamabad Oct 01, 2018
Just made the halwa like half an hr ago. Loved how it tasted. In addition to raisins, you can also add coconut. Or for Halwa puri style halwa you can add a 1/2 teaspoon yellow color & omit the raisins.
Nicolas - karachi Aug 07, 2018
suji ka halwa is by far the easiest recipe that I have ever made and followed on It looks hard with the picture but it is actually very easy. Takes 2 mins.
Ameer , - Tando Adam May 31, 2018
I love sooji halwa , some time I cook my self...


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Suji ka halwa recipe is the most popular halwa in our country. It is very easy and quick recipe and its ingredients are easily available in every household. Semolina or Suji is cooked with sugar syrup and cooked properly on slow heat for some time. Then ghee is added in this paste of Suji and sugar syrup and cooked well to completely dissolve ghee and Suji and to dry the excess water and thicken the Halwa. One Suji ka halwa recipe is ready to serve; it is garnished with almonds and pistachios. Suji ka Halwa recipe is usually served with Puri as a popular Pakistani breakfast. Suji ka Halwa recipe is even made on Shab e Bara at to mark the special occasion, or even on Eid. You can access the Suji ka Halwa recipe online and prepare it at home following it step by step.

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