Sheermal Recipe

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Flour 2 ½ cups
Salt ¾ tsp
Caster Sugar 1 tbsp heaped
Solid Milk ½ cup
Instant Yeast 2 ½ tsp
Kewra Water 1 tsp
Clarified Butter 3 tbsp heaped
Cream 3 tbsp
Egg 1
Milk powder 4 tbsp heaped (full Cream)
Luke warm Water to make dough
Milk for brush
Sesame seeds for sprinkle

How to make Sheermal


1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl flour, salt, caster sugar, solid milk, instant yeast, kewra water, clarified butter, cream, egg and milk powder.
2. Mix well and knead into a soft dough with luke warm water.
3. Bang the dough well and knead the dough very well and leave to rise in an oil bowl till double.
4. Cover, punch down the dough make into 3 or 4 balls.
5. Spread with your hands to a quarter plate size, put on a foil line tray.
6. Prick the centre with fork, do not prick the sides.
7. Leave it and covered for 45 minutes.
8. Brush top with milk and sprinkle sesame seeds.
9. Bake in a pre heated oven 200 degree C for 12 to 15 minutes.
10. Remove immediately brush with milk.
11. Cover immediately in foil till you require to use it.

Shireen Anwar Posted By: ~ MARIUM HAMID ~,

Sheermal شیرمال also written as Shirmal or Shyrmal, is a popular, light sweet with saffron flavor flatbread, cooked in Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh and India. In India, shirmal is mainly cooked in Persian population areas like Lucknow and Hyderabad. Shirmal is also known to be a part of Awadhi cuisine. It is made with all purpose flour (maida) and cooked in a tandoor or oven. Initially, it was prepared like a rotie however now it is cooked like a naan. Sheermal is more like an occasional food than a regular everyday food. You would mostly find it on events, festivals, wedding parties etc. offers Pakistani sheermal recipe by Shireen Anwer in English. Following the recipe, you would have a perfect sweet naan. Enjoy it with korma, karahi, nihari or koftay gravy foods.

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rimsha ali - hyderabad Jun 01, 2018
What else is a better choice to eat with spicy chicken karahi? I love how sheermal can blend its taste with the spiciness of the karahi and give a yummy taste! I absolutely will try this sheermal recipe at home today!
abeer - multan May 16, 2018
This sheermal is the most common thing who the every bring that from the market but now here mention the easy recipe to make it at home with the delicious taste
rimsha ali - islamabad Apr 23, 2018
sheermal to ham hamesha hotel sy mangwaty hn kunky kbi ghar ma kbi try hi nai kya laken ab check kaaro gii jo apny btai ha recipe usko.thanks for giving this recipe.
Hania - Lahore Mar 05, 2017
Sheermal is very delicious and tasty. It is very famous in Pakistan specially Karachi. It is available in very different shops of Sheermal. Bot now, i prepare this in home in very delicious taste. And enjoyed this taste of Sheermal with friends and family. Thank you....
Alia - karachi Aug 17, 2016
I like to eat sheermal in every wedding and dawat due to its taste and softness. I think it is hard to make it in home because lot of efforts require and you will not get the result as available in the restaurant. .


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Sheermal recipe is very popular in Pakistan, Iran, India and Bangladesh. Sheermal is a mildly sweet, saffron-flavored faltbread prepared with plain flour with ghee or cream. It suits well with korma, kofta, nihari and other gravy foods. offers Sheermal recipe by Shireen Anwer. Find the recipe below.

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