Beef Biryani Recipe

beef biryani recipe
Beef Biryani Ingredients

beef biryani step by step recipe
Heat oil in a pan, add whole spices and let it cook unless it makes a noise.

how to make beef biryani
Fry onions until they turn golden in color.

beef biryani urdu recipe
Add sliced tomatoes.

beef biryani pakistani recipe in urdu
Soften tomatoes until oil becomes visible.

beef biryani pics
Add beef to the paste.

beef biryani karachi
Mix well.

beef biryani recipe pakistani
Add all spices i.e. red pepper, coriander powder, cumin, ground all spice powder, salt and turmeric. Cook for couple of minutes.

cow biryani
Add yogurt and mix well with the meat.

cow biryani recipe
Add one glass of water and cook until meat is tender.

how can i make beef biryani
Add green coriander leaves, mint and chopped green chillies. Cook for couple of minutes (covered).

what is biryani rice
Heat water in pan, add bay leaves, large cinnamon stick, cloves and black peppercorns. Boil the rice.

beef biryani recipe in english
Once rice are cooked partially (two third), remove from the pan and drain the water out.

beef biryani recipe banane ka tarika
Spread a layer of biryani meat gravy (korma), spread a layer of rice and then pour yellow coloring and the kewra or biryani essence.

gaye ki biryani recipe
A wonderful beef biryani is ready to enjoy.

gaye ki biryani urdu recipe
beef biryani banane ki tarkeeb

How to Make Beef Biryani Recipe (in English)


  • Beef: 1.25 kg
  • Rice: 1 kilogram
  • Ginger Garlic Paste: 2 tablespoons
  • Salt: as per taste
  • Onion: 3 medium (chopped)
  • Tomatoes: 6 medium (chopped)
  • Yogurt: one cup (beaten)
  • White Cumin: 1 teaspoon
  • Ground Turmeric: 1 teaspoon
  • Ground Red Pepper: 2 tablespoons
  • Coriander Powder: 1 tablespoon
  • All-Spice Powder: 1 tablespoon
  • Green Chillies (chopped): 6 to 8 pcs
  • Green Coriander (chopped): 1/2 bunch
  • Mint (chopped): 1/2 bunch
  • Whole Spice: 2 tablespoon
  • Yellow Food Coloring: 1 pinch
  • Milk: 1 cup
  • Kewra Essence: few drops
  • Cooking Oil: 1 cup


Preparing Meat:
  1. Heat cooking oil in a saucepan very well. Then add whole spice, wait until it makes a sizzling noise. Then fry onions unless
    they become golden in color.
  2. Once onions are golden brown, add tomatoes and cook until softened as well as oil is separated. Then add beef to the mixture.
  3. Mix the beef well with tomato paste and add all spices including salt, red pepper, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds and all spice powder. Cook for couple of minutes.
  4. Then add yogurt and mix well. Cook thoroughly and add one glass of water.
  5. Once beef is tenderized and oil starts appearing, add green coriander, mint and green chillies and cook covered for 4 to 5
    minutes. Meat gravy is ready for biryani.

Preparing Rice:

  1. Heat water in a pan for boiling the rice. Add 5 cloves, 5 black peppercorns, one large cinnamon stick and 2 to 3 bay leaves and
    boil the water.
  2. Once water is boiled, add rice and when it is cooked to two third part, remove in a strainer.
  3. Then first place a layer of meat gravy in a large pan, then a layer of rice.
  4. Mix yellow food coloring in a cup of milk and pour over the rice.
  5. Pour few drops of biryani or kewra essence over the rice.
  6. Cover the pan for 15 to 20 and cook over low flame.
  7. Delicious beef biryani is ready.
  8. Serve hot and enjoy an amazing eating experience.

So, this was the Pakistani beef biryani recipe presented in Urdu with English translation for you people. You would enjoy its taste a lot. And if you have any confusion regarding the recipe, you can ask us in the comment box.

In today's article, you would find beef biryani step by step recipe explained in Urdu & English language with step by step pictures. Beef or cow biryani is a famous rice dish eaten zealously across Pakistan. While making this biryani, first we prepared a paste of tomatoes, then mixed beef into the paste and then cooking spiced beef. Finally, we cooked rice and mixed the cooked meat with rice.

There are different styles of cooking meat biryani such as Hyderabadi beef biryani, Arabian beef biryani, Bangladeshi beef biryani however we are going to learn the local version (Pakistani biryani) made with cow meat.

Don't forget to pair biryani with sweet zarda recipe.

Find Pakistani beef biryani recipe in Urdu & English below:

Beef Biryani Recipe

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The best Beef Biryani recipe that I have ever made! I never could have imagined that a Biryani could be really made very tasty but this recipe really changed my mind.

  • ayman, Loralai



Excellent recipe, but a little modification, Add half teaspoon of Nutmeg, and one star Anise makes the flavour burst in your mouth. This was my first time making Pakistani food and it was excellent. I cut the heat back on purpose but next time I believe I will make it as is. Thank you for posting this recipe it was wonderful.

  • Emaan, Karachi

I played around with the spices to make beef biryani till it was to our taste. The other changes I made were to use fresh mint, and canned tomatoes; I used turmeric to colour the rice yellow.

  • Humera, Islamabad

Beef biryani recipe is very simplified here! No long blocks of words, no complicated language, just pictures that users can follow for their cooking. Very amazing recipe and the results were amazing.

  • Sidra Afzal, Karsaz


  • Atiqa, Karachi

Nice recipe with clear step by step method. I liked it a lot. I will not only make this biryani myself but also suggest it to my cousins and aunt. She was asking me for a perfect recipe for making biryani and according to me, this is perfect one.

  • Sharmeen, Islamabad

Beef biryani is awesome, marvelous and a delicious rice dish. I prefer it to cook and serve for my meals at home. And My grandma and grandpa both like my cooking a lot. Then I am more motivated to cook it.

  • Saman, Rawalpindi

I love beef biryani but the problem is that it is not available easily anywhere near my home. That's why often I have to ask my wife to make it for me. She makes very well biryani. Thanks to her for providing me delicious foods.

  • Hanif, Hyderabad

Beef biryani has the best taste, believe me if you have eaten chicken biryani, just try the beef biryani once, you would love to eat it again and again. The beef is absorbed well in the rice and develops better taste than chicken.

  • Samreen, Lahore

Beef biryani is my favorite food, however the problem is that I could not get it from the market. There is no restaurant near my home which offers beef biryani. Everyone sells chicken biryani. That's why we have to cook it only at home.

  • Asim, Karachi

Sometimes I wish to make a full daig of biryani and eat it whole week. I like to add zarda as well as the sweet dish. I like rice dishes more than roti salan dishes. Other rice dishes I like are pulao, and daal chawal.

  • Haider, Sialkot

Beef is best meat to enjoy a biryani. When I ate beef biryani for the first time, I realized that this is the real biryani. I have made chicken and mutton biryani myself but it was not so good as beef biryani is. So now I keep trying to make this one.

  • Rubi, Peshawar

Thanks, it gave a wonderful taste. It was great and when we made it and enjoyed with whole family and guests. Everyone loved to eat it and I was really happy when they appreciated it with good words.

  • Sumaira, Hyderabad

It's a great option to enjoy biryani made with beef meat. I would love to make it at home. because I do have lot of beef and I like to cook my favorite foods at home. That's why I would prefer making it for all my family.

  • Nuzhat, Quetta

Beef biryani is my favorite one and I like my wife to learn this recipe and cook for me. I like biryani always and I would love eating same biryani made at home. Otherwise I have to order it from outside.

  • Maliha, Karachi

Thanks for sharing this beef biryani recipe. I have made chicken biryani dozens of time and this time I thought I should make beef biryani. And believe me I have taken peoples' feedback, they rate beef one higher than chicken.

  • Zeba, Rawalpindi

This is a really good one recipe. I appreciate the style of presentation of this biryani recipe. It is very easy to make , I like beef biriyani over chicken because whenever we attend a party, there is beef one served which is very delicious. I think they use some extra-ordinary ingredients to make it more delicious.

  • Nabiha, Lahore

Beef biryani is delicious and amazing recipe and I would love to eat it as many times as possible. Really beef biryani is love and no other biryani can be compared with it. I recommend try this biryani and see it yourself.

  • Hamud, Karachi

nice biryani recipe. please tell me can i use mutton meat with the same recipe of biryani? I will use the exactly same recipe, same method and all the same ingredients however just I shall use mutton instead of beef. is it ok?

  • Rida, Jhelum

Beef biryani is one of the most delicious Pakistani foods. Nowadays, everyone must have beef at home so if you are also looking for options to make something with beef, then try beef biryani, nothing else.

  • Nishi, Bahawalpur

Amazing and marvelous recipe for making biryani. I am happy to see this beef biryani recipe, that I was looking to make for my kids this evening. It will work perfect for kids as they like foods like biryani korma etc otherwise they don't bother eating foods.

  • Saima, Hyderabad

Wow it is my favorite beef biryani recipe . I have always recommended that make beef biryani because this is the real form of biryani. No other biryani recipe can match it's taste. I have tried it myself.

  • Deeba, Lahore

Beef biryani is wonderful and tasty biryani. Whether you eat chicken or mutton biryani, but you will come back to eat beef biryani always. Your recipe posting style is very good and I always come to your website to learn new recipes.

  • Neha Mahir, Bahawalpur

Great recipe. I am stunned to see this awesome recipe for beef biryani. And now I am a fan of beef biryani . I only made chicken biryani before but now I will make beef biryani only. Your recipe is great and presented very well. Ty

  • Sidrah Aftab, Rawalpindi

Beef Biryani Recipe

Beef Biryani Recipe ہر کسی کے لیے جاننا ضروری ہیں کیونکہ یہ ایک اہم معلومات ہے۔ Beef Biryani Recipe سے متعلق تفصیلی معلومات آپ کو اس آرٹیکل میں بآسانی مل جائے گی۔ ہمارے پیج پر کھانوں، مصالحوں، ادویات، بیماریوں، فیشن، سیلیبریٹیز، ٹپس اینڈ ٹرکس، ہربلسٹ اور مشہور شیف کی بتائی ہوئی ہر قسم کی ٹپ دستیاب ہے۔ مزید لائف ٹپس، صحت، قدرتی اجزاء اور ماڈرن ریمیڈی کے فوڈز میں موجود ہے۔