Top 10 Pakistani Dishes Everyone Should Learn to Cook

Basic Pakistani Foods List with Pictures

Many girls and even boys do have a passion of cooking. They see others cooking delicious foods and getting lots of appreciation by seniors of family. If you want to learn cooking foods that are great in taste and liked by everyone, you should first learn basic Pakistani recipes that are eaten eagerly in our culture. Nihari, haleem, biryani, pulao and shami kabab are some of the must cook recipes in our homes. presents 10 Pakistani recipes that Pakistani cooks must know how to cook them. Let's explore the top 10 basic Pakistani foods with recipes and master them before you really need them somewhere.

1. Nihari

Nihari is one of most favorite dine out foods in Pakistan. Many restaurants especially in Karachi are dedicatedly Nihari centers which offer nothing but nihari roti. It is eaten very enthusiastically and often when there is no cooking mood, the first choice is to buy a nihari. As it falls in ten most liked Pakistani foods, girls must learn cooking nihari. 

Find more nihari recipes by famous chefs and don't forget to see all time famous Javed nihari recipe.

2. Korma

chicken badami korma recipe
Korma is known to be a dish from mughlai cuisine. Using yogurt and cream as main ingredients, it's gravy has a wonderful taste. Sometimes, it is also cooked using cardamoms and almonds which add value to it's taste. Korma recipes are equally famous in Pakistan and India. Many times, you would see it as a main dish in Pakistani wedding ceremonies. If you are watching around for some recipes to start, korma recipes are ideal for you.

See big collection of korma recipes by famous chefs and learn how to make different varieties of korma:


3. Karahi

koyla karahi recipe
I am sure while writing about Karahi that everyone of us has eaten either chicken or mutton karahi at some time. Every weekend, karahi restaurants are flooded with public; people head to famous karahi spots to enjoy karahi dishes. This shows the passion. Since chicken karahi is the most common one, and can be easily made at home, Pakistani women must cook and serve a wonderful chicken karahi timely to their family.

Here are Some Easy Karahi Recipes by .

4. Biryani

chicken biryani recipe

Writing or reading the word 'biryani' always waters the mouth. In my personal opinion, biryani is the most famous, most eaten and most sold food in Pakistan and I believe I am right. In 90% wedding ceremonies, biryani is a must-be dish. In standard food restaurants, it is again biryani which every restaurant keeps as a main dish for customers. For Pakistani cooking learners, biryani is one of the must cook recipes. 

Find more biryani recipes by popular Pakistani chefs

In step by step section, find out chicken biryani recipe and Sindhi biryani.

5. Pulao

matar pulao recipe
Pulao is also one of the basic home cooking recipes in Pakistan. In homes in Pakistan, pulao cooking is dedicated to a particular day in the week. Sometimes, when there is to make a rice recipe, pulao and biryani often go in competition, sometimes biryani and sometimes pulao is chosen. Folks interesting in cooking basic Pakistani recipes must know to cook a rice pulao. has gathered a decent list of pulao recipes for you.

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How to Make Yakhni Pulao

How to Make Matar Aloo Pulao

6. Haleem

Haleem is also liked all over Pakistan. Haleem is mainly a party food cooked at different occasions. It is usually cooked in large quantity in a caldron however it can be cooked in saucepan for a family as well. Many times when friends or family decides to dine out, they prefer to visit a Haleem point. Knowing to cook haleem is worthwhile for people interested in cooking famous Pakistani foods.

List of haleem recipes by

Haleem Step by Step Recipe

7. Shami Kabab

shami kabab recipe
Shami kabab is the most popular food tradition of Pakistan. Whether it is Eid day or a regular guest arrival, shami kababs are the first and obvious choice. Very easy to make yet deemed as the tastiest type of kababs. Cooking shami kababs is a good point to get a confident cooking expertise.

Recipe of Shami Kabab by Chef Rahat

Step by Step Recipes with Pictures:

8. Keema

I have observed myself that keema is a regular part of ration items that people buy weekly or monthly. Keema recipes can be prepared in many different ways. Either make its kababs or fry it, cook it with a vegetable or use it in samosas, choices are many. 

Get here a big list of keema recipes by

Find more in Step by Step Section:

9. Kheer

kheer recipe
Kheer is the basic after meal desserts in Pakistan. In wedding ceremonies or family gatherings at home, the foremost sweet item to serve is kheer most of the times. There are many types of kheer that differ in ingredients and cooking style. To make a complete meal, from main course dishes to sweet dishes, you must know how to make a kheer.

Here are Different Kheer Recipes to enjoy at home.

See how to make a simple badam kheer

10. Zarda

zarda recipe
Zarda is yellow colored sweet rice dish often served after a spicy rice meal. Zarda is very tasty sweet rice dish made with khoya, zafran, and different other spices. Zarda is often served at different occasions as a sweet dish. Learn how to make shahi zarda, deghi zarda, three color zarda and many other zarda recipes.

And also Learn how to make zarda with pictures

Know the top 10 basic Pakistani foods that are eaten eagerly throughout Pakistan. If you are learning cooking, these recipes are ideal to start. Making a casserole or a fajita pizza is not worthwhile if you do not to cook a desi chicken karahi, a delicious biryani or crispy shami kababs. As being a Pakistani, our first choice should be the must cook foods from Pakistani cuisine.

Here are the 10 most eaten Pakistani foods with their recipes. These foods are ideal to start your cooking learning. Let's see them below.

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