Shami Kabab Recipe

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• Boneless Beef - 500 grams
• Split Chickpeas (Chana ki Daal): 250 grams
• 1 Small Ginger
Garlic: 8 Cloves
• Whole Red Chillies: 8 pcs
• Green Chillies: 6 pcs
• Hot SpIce Powder: a pinch
• Eggs: 2 pcs
Salt: To taste

How to make Shami Kabab


Hi, we are going to make shami kababs today. These are very tasty and can be served at various occasions.

1. First of all boil the meat, pulses and all other spices together in a pot.

2. Now grind the ingredients very well in a food processor.

3. After grinding the stuff, make patties of the batter with your hands.

4. Add oil in a pan and fry the patties.

5. Kababs are ready. Have them traditional Pakistani way; enjoy with coriander(dhania) chutney or tomato ketchup.

Chef Rahat Posted By: sharmeen, Karachi

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Rasheeda - Bhakkar Jan 05, 2018
Shami kabab is the most common snack in Pakistan and made in every home. But kfoods kabab recipe is quite different and innovative. I will surely try this.
Samreen - Gujranwala Nov 26, 2017
Thanks, we have just wedded our son and my daughter in law belongs to China. She came to Pakistan, we are teaching her lots of Pakistani foods. So far I have made her make shami kababs and chicken karahi. She made much improved, much better and hope with time, she will rock.
Samia - Haripur Nov 22, 2017
Wow I love to eat shami kababs especially those that use chana daal. It has a great taste and nice taste. However I see that your recipe is a bit different as it uses additional ingredients. That's why it would be even tastier as I think.
Sahiba - Vihari Nov 19, 2017
shami kebabs are very good , usually we make it with beef but i want to try it now with our kinds of meat. Now I have some lamb meat and I want to make dumba shami kababs so I want to receive your suggestions about it.
Sabeena - Larkana Nov 12, 2017
Thanks, it is already a chosen recipe by me and I can make very well kababs myself. However these days, I was looking for some special kind of experience with old recipes I know. So I took it and studied it. This gives some new methods, so I would surely make and try your recipe.


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Shami kabab is the local variety of kabab from the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly the part of Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi cuisines. It is composed of small patty of meat boiled and grinded with chickpeas and whole spices and ginger garlic. Then the boiled meat and chickpeas are blended with chopped onions and coriander and green chilies forming soft and spicy mixture for making small patties of kababs. . Egg is used for binding of patties which are then deep fried forming shami kababs . shami kabas are often made as side dish on every dinner table and also enjoyed alone . Shami kababs are served with chapattis and raita . Mostly people make shami kababs and preserve in their freezers and then just fry it whenever they want to eat.

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