Chicken Shami Kabab Step By Step Recipe

Among thousands of chicken recipes, shami kabab is a top favorite of many Pakistanis. Today, is telling how to make Chicken Shami Kabab with detailed step by step instructions. Each step is made very clear with pictures and with corresponding steps. We can expect you can cook Shami Kababs with chicken meat after reading this step by step recipe. Shami Kabab keeps the value of a tradition in Pakistani Cuisine. With time, it's popularity grew higher and it was not limited to Pakistan but adopted as a tradition in other Asian countries. As a general rule of thumb, it is cooked with beef meat but now it is also cooked with Chicken. is presenting step by step recipe for chicken shami kababs. Cook the recipe and your freezers would be packed with Chicken Shamis tonight.

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Wash split bengal gram completely.

Add salt, whole red chili, white cumin, coriander powder, ginger garlic, onions and water and tenderize lentil.

When lentil is tender, add chicken.

When water is dried, add ground allspice powder.

Grind using a churner.

Chop onions, green chili, green coriander and mint and add to lentil mixture. Also add eggs.

Mix well and make shape of kababs.

Heat oil in frying pan.

Fry kababs in hot oil, if one side is fried, revert them to fry from other side.

Take out when it turns golden brown in color.

Chicken Shami Kabab is Ready!

Recipe of Chicken Shami Kebab


  • Boneless Chicken: 1/2 kg
  • Split Bengal Gram: 1/8 kg
  • Whole Red Chili: 10 to 15 pcs
  • Salt: as per taste
  • White Cumin: 1 tablespoon
  • Coriander Powder: 2 tablespoons
  • Ground Allspice Powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Onions: 1 pcs
  • Water: as required
  • Oil: 1 tablespoon

For Garnishing:

  • Thin Chopped Onions: 2 pcs
  • Green Coriander: 1/2 bunch
  • Mint: 1/2 bunch
  • Green Chili: 5 to 6 or as per taste
  • Eggs: 2 pcs



Wash lentil well.

Add salt, whole red chili, onions, white cumin, coriander powder, ginger garlic with lentils and cook.

When lentil is tenderized, add chicken and cook.

When chicken is tender and water is dried, add ground allspice powder and mix well.

When lentil and chicken is tender, grind both of them well with wooden churner (you can also use chopper).

After grinding, add chopped onions, green chili, green coriander and mint and mix with lentil and chicken and then add eggs. Mix well. Form kababs and fry.

Chicken shami kababs are ready.


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    shami kababs are nice quick to make snacks. Eat it with chutney, raita, or ketchup, it is made with boneless chicken mince and once you make it in bulk, you can enjoy it for long time. Just fry it and serve.

  • Shahida - Karachi Apr 05, 2017

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