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Baking Recipes in Urdu - Get your oven gloves on and try these sweet and savoury baking recipes in urdu. We carry wide range of healthy Baking Recipes. So let’s enjoy the delicious taste of Baking recipes in urdu and give your views.

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Very easy simple and km ingredients recipes

  • pakeeza,

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  • Saleem,

We are gonna prepare chocolate chip cookies recipe on our home roof. We will be enjoying all dishes with family and kids and we are happy to find here a perfect recipe for our favorite dish and here are still many baking recipes that we are interested in.

  • Afandi, Peshawar

It is superb and marvelous! Pav recipe has always been my choice to enjoy at evening. Now by cooking it so many times, I am expert at making many baking recipes particularly Pav

  • Kania, Gujranwala

Nice to find out so many things that I like to eat such as Bake Macaroni Herb Sauce recipe and many other beef & mutton recipes that are worth making at home. I appreciate the recipes here and return back here to find out more recipes of my choice.

  • Isha, Karachi

I always like snacks to enjoy and I also like Meat loaf recipe on the weekend. We cousins enjoy movie night with Meat loaf often. All come to my home because they know I cook microwave recipes very well.

  • Manar, Karachi

Winter is over now. I will now prepare Fruit Pie recipe as it is fine these days as per the weather situation. baking recipes are always tasty and attractive.

  • Zeenat, Karachi

How long does it take to prepare Flat o Fish Burger recipe? I am asking because I want to make sure the preparation time before starting the recipe. By the way, baking recipes usually take very short time.

  • Khawlah, Muzaffarabad

The first thing i like in foods is chicken biryani and then Eclair recipe, i make it almost in every week on Sunday. Whenever we friends gather on the weekend, we cook something new, mainly from baking recipes because we all like it.

  • Adeela, Peshawar

Give me the easiest recipe for Chocolate Pastry, i just want to make things that are simple and easy. we girls make things ourselves the simplest way but their taste is simple as well. So i want some baking recipes that are though easy but tasteful.

  • Amira, Sukkur