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Now it’s not difficult to cook different sort of yummy foods because we brought to you easy way of cooking yummy dishes step by step. Where you can exactly know what to do and how to do specially for those people who have no idea about cooking or cooking 1st time can easily understand the way of cooking. This is not enough because with these easy step by step recipes method you may easily enhance the taste of your foods. So let’s try these simple step by step recipes and be a cooking expert.

Chicken Cheese Croquettes Recipe

Today we will pick up actually how to make chicken croquettes recipe at home with cheese and mayonnaise. This is one of my favorite croquette recipes so I liked to share it you today. I have prepared step by step guide for it with picture for each instruction in Urdu and English too.

Everyday at iftar time, kids and their father are literally sniffing for something special. As I understand their gestures, I already plan what to make for the day. Chicken cheese croquette is one of the recipes that delight them the most.

I am sharing it's step by step recipe with you so you girls can also prepare it for your kids and family.

Let's start the delicious chicken cheese croquettes recipe.

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How to Make Lab e Shireen Recipe

Lab e Shireen is a delicious sweet dessert, whose recipe was introduced lately in South Asia (Pakistan and India). Before the time of Labe Shireen, we only knew kheer, halwa or sheer khurma as after-meal desserts in Pakistan. However, this juicy dessert has massively replaced the ways sweets were served and enjoyed.

Labe Shireen is made with milk, corn flour, fruit cocktail, colorful noodles and jellies. Other add-ons like cashews, pistachios, walnuts and almonds are added for flavor and aroma. It has also become popular as a party dish and you would see in weddings and similar ceremonies, labeshireen as sweet dish being served after the main course.

See how to make labeshireen recipe in Urdu with step by step guide by

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Top 5 Chef Zakir Recipes

When we talk about the best chef in Pakistan, the first name our brain recalls is Chef Zakir. It's fact!
Ask anyone and see.
Chef Zakir Qureshi has appeared in scores of television programs where he has provided hundreds of food recipes. From snacks to main course and desi and continental, Zakir has presented the best tastes to Pakistan.

Facts about Chef Zakir:

  • Real Name: Muhamma Zakir Qureshi
  • Birth Date: February 16, 1967
  • Cooking Style: Pakistani Cuisine, Asian Cuisine and South African Cuisine

Top 5 Zakir Recipes:

  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Maash Dal
  • Seekh Kabab
  • Chicken Karahi
  • Shahi Biryani

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Chicken Rice Kabab Recipe

Today's recipe is rice and chicken kabab. You have already tasted dozens of types of kababs but I can bet you have never happened to eat this one. The main ingredients of this kabab are chicken, rice and eggs with inclusion of some other spices. I have made it and now presenting for you with step by step pictures for your ease. Find the recipe and learn how to make chicken rice kebabs and enjoy either with your meal or as an evening snack.

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Trout Fish Spicy Recipe and Live Cooking

You Trout Seeker?
Today I am sharing a video about trout fishing and live cooking and preparing its recipe.

If you have visited Northern Areas of Pakistan, you must have heard about trout fishing in Naran valley. And interesting thing about the trout fish is that it is only available in Northern Areas i.e. Naran, Kaghan, Swat, Balakot, Skardu and Hunza valleys. If you live in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad or other cities in Central or Southern Pakistan, you would keep missing Trout unless you make a tourism plan to any of the said areas.

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Lauki Kabab Recipe

Today we will work out on lauki chana dal kabab recipe. Lauki or Bottle Gourd Kababs might be new for you as many people use vegetables just to cook curry foods. If you haven't eaten this delicacy before, you have been missing the true taste of gourds.

To form loki kebab, grated loki is amalgamated with split Bengal gram and other spices. Full method is provided in steps with pictures, so you wouldn't face any difficulty in making this recipe.

Loki is known for a cool veggie. It is easy to digest, soothing to stomach, and superb in taste. Many people avoid eating kebabs due to their meaty flesh.

But could they stop themselves seeing these kebabs?

Not at all!

Here is how to make lauki kabab (step by step recipe given in Urdu with pictures).

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5 Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Recipes with Chicken

If you were looking specifically for "What can I make with chicken and bell peppers"?
Bravo! is sharing 5 scrumptious recipes of capsicum and chicken with tasteful spices from Pakistani cuisines. You would surely enjoy most of the recipes provided here.

Bell Pepper also known as capsicum is although kind of peppers however it is not bitter or pungent. It has a pleasant aroma which can be felt while eating a meal made with capsicum. Cooked chunks of capsicum give an unbeatable eating pleasure.

Here are the top 5 recipes using chicken and peppers (capsicum).

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How to Make Non Toxic Hand Sanitizer (Homemade Recipe)

A non toxic, chemical free and efficient hand sanitizer can be made at home.

Yes, today we will learn how to make a homemade sanitizer without alcohol using a couple of essential oils. This sanitizer not only works great like powerful antiseptic products but also remains harmless to the skin. The oils in it are full of organisms that are robust at defending against different kinds of bacteria. Moreover the oils do have antibiotic properties as well.

The hand sanitizer spray we are going to make is as simple as combining 4 different items. It consists of 2 essential oil and 2 other elements and when all these are mixed together, it forms a very effective sanitizer (which is also free of hazardous chemicals). The tea tree oil used in the recipe naturally contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and antiseptic properties. The final product effectively fights off the bacteria and fungi.

Let's explore the step by step recipe for making a hand sanitizer at home.

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How to Make Chicken Stick Kebabs

Today, I am going to explain you how to make chicken kebab sticks in's step by step recipe series. There are many kinds of chicken barbecue dishes from which I picked stick kebabs for today. It is bit different with other chicken items. You can easily make it in your kitchen on wooden skewer sticks.

Prepare these delicious chicken barbeque kababs and enjoy with all your family.

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How to Make Moong Dal and Rice Kheer

Today we are going to prepare a very special moong dal kheer with coconut milk and rice. Traditionally, a kheer is made with rice and plain milk and therefore, this special kheer recipe makes people surprised. Addition of mung beans adds beauty to the kheer taste as well as using coconut milk permeates a refreshing aroma which makes it more appealing to eat.

Recipe of moong dal & rice kheer is really easy. is sharing its recipe in Urdu with step by step instructions. Get it and experience a new flavor of sweet kheer.

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