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Now it’s not difficult to cook different sort of yummy foods because we brought to you easy way of cooking yummy dishes step by step. Where you can exactly know what to do and how to do specially for those people who have no idea about cooking or cooking 1st time can easily understand the way of cooking. This is not enough because with these easy step by step recipes method you may easily enhance the taste of your foods. So let’s try these simple step by step recipes and be a cooking expert.

How to Make Malai Kabab

Today we are going to learn how to make malai kabab recipe. Adding malai (cream) to meat makes it taste better, softer and having more succulence. After making many types of kabab recipes, I got the idea to make malai kebabs this time. I got all the ingredients from market including minced meat, eggs, and bread separately for the recipe. Other things are usual and always found in the kitchen. No need to go to the market especially to buy salt, red chili, green coriander etc.

I have presented the complete guide of making malai kabab with pictures and their associative instructions in Urdu. I have made the guide so easy that anyone can make it without any hurdles. It can be a perfect recipe to make with qurbani meat after Eid ul Adha. Let's start!

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How to Make Lebanese Kebab Recipe

Today's recipe, Lebanese Kebabs is a special dish from Lebanese cuisine. I am presenting it step by step with pictorial instructions for making it easier for you. Lebanese Kebab can be made with lamb, beef and chicken too. We are going to make it with boiled mashed chicken as Pakistani people like eating chicken the most :).

The recipe is very popular in all the Middle East. Pakistanis living in gulf countries know about it however I am introducing it to local Pakistanis through, so they could also enjoy the taste of this unique kabab dish.

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So are you ready to enjoy? Let's read ahead to learn how to make Lebanese kebab (in Urdu).

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Lahori Murgh Cholay-Step By Step Recipe

Lahori Murgh Cholay | Step By Step Recipe is one of the traditional and most favorite dish of Pakistani food lovers, it is prepared by using spicy and healthy ingredients and very simple method to cook easily at home. Here at KFoods, you can easily get many of your delicious recipes in steps by step format because its very simple way to cook by following the steps.
Here you can also get the recipe in Text format ( Urdu & Roman ) : Lahori Murgh Cholay

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How to Make Coleslaw Recipe

Now we are going to work out on coleslaw recipe. We will learn how to make coleslaw for zinger burger with step by step picture instructions. We would also learn what ingredients are required to make a perfect coleslaw.

What is Coleslaw?

Coleslaw is very creamy and unique flavored that makes your Zinger Burger, chicken roll and snacks more tasty. It is certainly on our favorites list and may just be the best coleslaw. Mostly people think, it is very hard to make, but it is very quick, easy and economical to make at home. The key ingredients of coleslaw are mayonnaise and cabbage.

Here is a quick and easy step by step recipe for coleslaw.

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Fry Lady Fish Recipe

See how to fry lady fish with step by step pictures and instructions in Urdu. As fish season is coming and people are more likely to cook fish dishes in winters, I have prepared a guide for you and presented it here at This recipe will guide you to cook a very delicious fish with a very easy method with simple to understand instructions in Urdu. In just one go through this article, you would learn making of fry fish yourself even if you are new to cooking.

See the recipe and cook a delicious fried fish today. Make it tastier, as if your family eats it, they ask you again for it.

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How to Make Nargisi Koftay Recipe

Today, we are going to learn how to make nargisi kofta recipe with step by step guide with pictures. Nargisi koftay is a famous Pakistani dish with very unique ingredients which are specifically used in this recipe to achieve a wonderful taste.

Recipe uses minced meat, eggs, bread slices, gram flour and yogurt mainly with other spices and basic ingredients. Since it uses eggs and gram flour (besan), it has a very unique taste that is the reason of it's popularity. Nargisi koftay is a famous dish in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and deemed as a special occasion dish served at parties, gatherings and at weekends when whole family dines together.

Get the recipe in Urdu and English with step by step easy instructions.

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Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Step by Step Recipe

Today, we are going to figure out Mozzarella cheese sticks recipe with step by step pictures by Along pictures, we will explore the recipe with easy instructions for each step involved. These sticks are made of cheese, rolled in all purpose flour, then dipped in egg batter, rolled in breadcrumbs and then deep fried in the oil. These sticks are very delicious; everyone especially kids like it a lot. KFoods provides you with easy mozzarella sticks recipe in Urdu and English; learning this recipe, you would be able to make sticks like an expert.

Serve fried cheese sticks to kids and family in the evening. Enjoy the delicious taste of fried, egg dipped cheese.

Following is step by step recipe for Mozzarella cheese sticks.

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Matar Aloo Pulao - Step By Step Recipe

Matar Aloo Pulao Step by Step Recipe is very delicious part of healthy foods, its the combination of vegetable & rice that gives you an ideal taste as well. Potato and peas rice recipe is prepared by using a healthy and simple ingredients, every one cook it at home by just following the easy method in step images. Check out more step by step recipes from many of best cooking experts at KFoods

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How to Make Baingan Ka Raita

Baingan (Brinjal) is one of those tasteful vegetables that can be utilized in many different ways. Today, we are going to learn how to make baingan ka raita recipe in with step by step guide in Urdu by Baingan Raita is a unique and delicious add on for your meal. It is not available commonly as very few people know its recipe. If you like adding new tastes to your dining table, must try the recipe of baingan raita. It is easy to make, does not require extra ordinary effort. Serve it with salan, paratha and snacks.

Enjoy it!

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Green Chutney Step by Step Recipe

Today we are going to figure out how to make green chutney recipe for sandwich, samosa or various kinds of snacks. I have explained the recipe with very easy step by step instructions in Urdu with pictures. Green chutney can be made with mint, coriander, mango, coconut and even with tomato. We will make this green or hari chutney with coriander, mint and raw mangoes. And that's the secret of it's taste!

In general everyone knows how to make green chutney however very few of us know how to make it perfect. Therefore we shared the best recipe for green chutney. We used white cumin, green coriander, green chillies, mint leaves, tamarind water (imli ka pani), salt and raw mangoes (keri). So now enjoy a delicious green chatni.

Below is the recipe of green chutney in Urdu & English.

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