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Now it’s not difficult to cook different sort of yummy foods because we brought to you easy way of cooking yummy dishes step by step. Where you can exactly know what to do and how to do specially for those people who have no idea about cooking or cooking 1st time can easily understand the way of cooking. This is not enough because with these easy step by step recipes method you may easily enhance the taste of your foods. So let’s try these simple step by step recipes and be a cooking expert.

Chicken Vegetable Pasta Recipe

Chicken pasta recipe is no more difficult to make. With KFoods' step by step tutorial, you can easily prepare delicious chicken vegetable pasta at home.

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See standard recipe of chicken pasta and here is a delicious chicken spaghetti recipe in Urdu.

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Chicken Croquettes Recipe

Today, is going to tell you how to make croquettes recipe with step by step instructions with pictures for every step. The recipe here is for croquettes with chicken filling however you can use other types of fillings such as potatoes, vegetables or fish etc. The main ingredients involved in the recipe are chicken, all purpose flour, chopped parsley, egg, milk and water with other common spices.

Croquettes is worldwide famous fried roll with breadcrumbed skin; it uses different items for filling such as mashed potatoes, minced chicken or beef, fish, sauces or vegetables. A standard croquette has a long cylinder-like shape but in different cuisines, it is found in other shapes as well. In some countries, croquettes are made in disk, oval or other shapes too. It is sometimes served as a side food in holiday meals. Croquettes are part of different fast food cuisines with beef, cheese or sauce fillings.

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How to Make Haleem

How to Make Haleem is the theme of our today's article. You are going to know an interesting and easy recipe for haleem which is presented with pictures and their respective instructions. Before this recipe, you would have always thought of haleem as a dish which can only be cooked in a daig outside home. The article gives a haleem recipe from scratch in Urdu which makes it possible for anyone to cook haleem very simply.

First, in the recipe, I have told about all haleem masala and then how to cook halim qorma and then halim itself. If you follow this recipe exactly, while enjoying it, you would forget all famous haleem in Pakistan. Let's follow the recipe step by step and perform tasks exactly as told in order to cook a perfect haleem recipe.

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Goat Chops Recipe

Let's find out how to make goat chops recipe this Bakra Eid and enjoy diverse tastes of mutton. presents step by step recipes for making awesome mutton chops at home.

Chops made with rib part of the meat. Ribs are probably the most appetizing part of goat or cow’s meat and mutton chops is ranked as the one of the most striking appetizer and side dish. Usually chops are first cooked with all the spices and seasoning and then grilled on a grill pan. Lets here come to know some of the best Chops Recipes from the desk of cooking experts.

Following are some Eid ul Adha special mutton chops recipes.

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Turmeric Milk Recipe (Haldi Doodh) – Golden Milk

Not Elixir of Life But Not Even Lesser!

Turmeric milk also known as golden milk is a miracle drink with lots of health benefits. You know it can help cure cough, sore throat, acne, weight loss and also muscle pains. Very few actually know about these facts.

Today, I am offering the miraculous haldi milk recipe in step by step recipe section of As I like to have it in winters, also I am glad to tell it's recipe to you so you can also benefit from this miracle drink. With household basic ingredients like honey, turmeric, cardamom and black pepper, you can prepare this healthy milk within minutes.

Let's move to the recipe. I have given it in English and Urdu both for ease of maximum people.

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Cream Fruit Chaat Recipe

Fruit chaat is a sweet treat which is mostly consumed in Pakistan with addition of lots of flavors. Fruits chaat is made in the month of Ramadan on a daily basis in iftar. Iftar in Pakistan is said to be incomplete without fruit chaat. An innovation in the recipe of fruit chaat is cream fruit chaat. It is made with adding cream and different fruits to the bowl. Cream fruit chaat is healthier than normal fruit chaat. You can find cream fruit chaat recipe in urdu and English on this page with step by step pictorial guide. Creamy fruit chaat is more popular as compared to other chaats. Its thick juicy cream makes the chaat more awesome and tasteful to eat. Fresh cream fruits chaat is made with fresh and seasonal fruits which taste really scrumptious and it takes no time to make it. It is a quick recipe which can be served at any time but it is especially included in the Ramadan recipes. You may also like

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Juicy fruit chaat
Creamy fruit chaat

Though, making fruit chaat is simple but this recipe will guide you how to make a perfect rich creamy fruit chaat in 3 steps.

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How to Make Sheer Khurma Recipe

This article will guide you how to make sheer khurma recipe with step by step picture instructions in Urdu. Sheer khurma is a traditional Pakistani sweet usually served on Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha and sometimes other family happy gatherings. I myself have prepared it many times on Eid and also when my kids requested me for it. I have noted that when I serve it to guests, they like to have it even they tell me that they are coming to eat sheer khorma of my hand and I smile and welcome them. After reading the recipe, you can do this too!

The term 'Sheer Khurma' (also written as Sheer Khorma) means milk with dates. It is a celebratory vermicelli sweet served on days in Muslim community in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Most people eat it as breakfast after Eid prayer and then it is placed on dining table for guests.

Let's move to the recipe.

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How Rasmalai is the Healthiest Dessert in Shaadi Season

Ras malai consists of white, cream, or yellow coloured flattened balls of chhana soaked in malai (clotted cream) flavored with cardamom. The balls are cooked in sugar syrup and milk with saffron, pistachios and kheer as stuffing. Homemade ras malai is usually made from powdered milk, all-purpose flour, baking powder and oil, which are kneaded to form a dough, moulded into balls, and dropped into simmering milk cream. Another reason why rasmalai is better than other shaadi sweets is because it’s not deep-fried. Rasmalai has low salt, low sugar, high calcium, high protein and high mineral content.
Even diabetics can consume low sugar or no sugar rasmalai once in a while depending on their blood sugar levels.

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7 Boneless Chicken Recipes You Must Know About

Chicken boneless recipes are considered when you truly want to enjoy the taste of chicken. There are many options to go with boneless chicken, you just need to know. Today is telling you the best boneless chicken recipes that would make your day. The top 7 recipes with boneless chicken include:

  • Chicken Strips
  • Chicken Jalfrezi
  • Tawa Chicken
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Zinger Burger
  • Chicken Handi
  • Chicken Sticks

Yet, you would have tried one or two of these but today you would know how far you can go if you've got boneless chicken meat at home. These recipes include both fast food and curry type dishes. Enjoy the true taste of chicken. Don't forget to share your reviews.

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Chicken Broast Recipe

How to make broast at home?
Here is a crispy chicken broast recipe in Urdu & English that you would love to enjoy at home.

I am giving you a very easy crispy broast recipe which you can make quite easily with the given step by step guide. Scroll through each step, you would find its picture with its respective instruction. Do as told and lastly you would own a homemade roasted chicken to enjoy.

Chicken broast (roast) is considered as one of the tastiest chicken recipes, served with ketchup, raita, chutney and a little bun. After preparing the broast with the given recipe, you would agree that it's taste is better than those you had been eating from outside fast food shops.

This is the time.

Make a spicy chicken roast recipe and enjoy with your family.

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