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چنے کی دال کی چاٹ Chanay Ki Daal Ki Chaat

چنے کی دال کی چاٹ Chef:Chef Asad

چکن میکرونی چنا چاٹ Chicken Macaroni Chana Chaat

چکن میکرونی چنا چاٹ Chef:Chef Asad

چلی گارلک چاٹ Chilli Garlic Chaat

چلی گارلک چاٹ Chef:Chef Asad

کاٹھیواڑی چاٹ Kathiawari Chaat

کاٹھیواڑی چاٹ Chef:Chef Asad

لاہوری چنا چاٹ Lahori Chana Chaat

لاہوری چنا چاٹ Chef:Chef Asad

Bean Chaat Bean Chaat

Chef:Chef Asad

پیالہ چاٹ Piyala Chaat

پیالہ چاٹ Chef:Chef Gulzar

Chana Chat Recipes Reviews

Faisalabadi Samosa aur Phulki Chaat
Aisha - Lahore Apr 23, 2019
I am very thankful to Chef Rida, the way when she made Phulki is quite easy to try at home. I am noting every step of this recipe because I love to try different recipes in Ramadan for Iftar time.
Bhel Puri
Rabia Khan - Khanewal Apr 23, 2019
Bhel Puri is all common in the subcontinent but many chefs make this recipe in different ways. Here, I like the taste of Bhel Puri when I made according to this way. The way of preparation is quite quick and good in taste.
Chilli Garlic Chaat
nida - khi Apr 18, 2019
The taste of Chilli Garlic Chaat is full of spicy which brings water in my mouth when I tried it last evening for refreshment. Actually, my whole family likes more spicy foods for that this recipe is an ideal recipe which I will also try in Ramadan.

Chana chaat refers to chaat snacks that make use of chanay (chickpeas) such as pani puri, masala chaat, dahi phulki chaat, bhel puri, aloo chaat, Lahori chaat and kala chana chat.

Chana chats make use of black or white chickpeas as main ingredients, and other items include yogurt, tomato, onions, potatoes, as well as some seasonings are added for perfection in the taste. Different kinds of chana chat is very popular to eat in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Every food street and large market in Karachi, Lahore and large cities of India, must have a corner filled with chaat sellers.

There is a big variety of chana chaats in the region. If you eat chaat in the same city, you will be served with chat with different spices and with a different taste every time. Some sellers offer famous 12 masale chaat, some offer highly spicy chaat, some serve low spice chat with phulki and so on.

Preparing a chickpeas chaat is also very interesting. First you soak chana overnight, boil potatoes, use different masala like cardamom, cumin seeds, tomatoes, tamarind paste, heeng and chili powder and then mix them, use onions and phulki and sprinkle chaat masala and when it is ready to eat, you deem it the tastiest snack you eat.


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