Safaid Chana Chat Recipe in Urdu

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Safaid Chana Chat
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Safaid Chana Chat vidhi

Safaid chanay 1.5 piyali
Aalo 3 adad
Dahi 1 pao
Imli ka paste 2 khanay k chamach
Piyaz 1 adad
Timatar 2 adad
Hara dhniya thora sa
Podeena thora sa
Hari mirch 4 sy 5 adad
Namak hasb e zaiqa
Kuti hoi laal mirch ½ chaye ka chamch
Chaat masala ½ chaye ka chamch
Pisi hoi khatai ½ chaye ka chamch
Paapri hasb e zaroorat
Tail 2 sy 3 chamach

Banane ki tarkeeb

Chanay aur aalo ubaal lain. ek piyalay main chanay, aalo, tamam maslay aur imli ka paste daal kar mix kar lain. Dahi aur paapri daal dain. Pan main tail garm kar lain aur piyaz daal kar garm kar lain. Ab is piyaz main hara dhaniya aur podeena daal kar mix kar lain aur chaat per daal dain. Mazaydar chanay ki chaat taiyar hai.
سفید چنے کی چاٹ
سفید چنے ----- ڈیڑھ پیالی
آلو ----- تین عدد
دہی ---- ایک پاؤ
املی کا پیسٹ ----- دو کھانے کے چمچ
پیاز ---- ایک عدد
ٹماٹر ----- دو عدد
ہرا دھنیا ----- تھوڑا سا
پودینہ ------ تھوڑا سا
ہری مرچ ---- چار سے پانچ عدد
نمک ------ حسب ذائقہ
کٹی ہوئی لال مرچ ----- آدھا چائے کا چمچ
چاٹ مصالحہ ----- آدھا چائے کا چمچ
پسی ہوئی کھٹائی ----- آدھا چائے کا چمچ
پاپڑی ---- حسب ضرورت
تیل ----- دو سے تین چمچ
چنے اور آلو ابال لیں- ایک پیالے میں چنے٬ آلو٬ تمام مصالحے اور املی کا پیسٹ ڈال کر مکس کرلیں- دہی اور پاپڑی ڈال دیں- پین میں تیل گرم کرلیں اور پیاز ڈال کر گرم کرلیں- اب اس پیاز میں ٹماٹر٬ ہرا دھنیا اور پودینہ ڈال کر مکس کرلیں اور چاٹ پر ڈال دیں- مزیدار چنے کی چاٹ تیار ہے-
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Find out the Safaid Chana Chat Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Iftar Items. Safaid Chana Chat is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Safaid Chana Chat and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Safaid Chana Chat

Safaid Chana Chat recipe is a popular savory snack of Pakistani cuisine. Tempting and delicious Safaid Chana Chat recipe is a popular evening time snack in Pakistan especially among youth. This recipe is immensely delicious and tempting due to its variety of ingredients. For making Safaid Chana Chaat recipe you require boiled white chickpeas, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onions that are added in an appropriate proportion. Salt, pepper, chaat masala, yogurt, and tamarind pulp are added to give it a perfect tangy and spicy taste. Papri is crushed and sprinkled on top to give your Safaid Chana Chaat recipe the final touch.

The ingredients of Safaid Chana Chat recipe give it a divine spicy taste that mostly people love. This recipe is highly beneficial for those who are on diet and want to reduce weight. Safaid Chana Chaat recipe is less time consuming and method is easy to follow. It can be served as an evening tea time snack, for refreshments at home parties, or even at corporate dinners. It can be a perfect Iftar savory snack during Ramadan time. You can boil chickpeas and freeze in 3, 4 portions and use when needed. You can serve Safaid Chana Chaat recipe along with Dahi Bhalay which best compliments it. You can sprinkle some chaat masala on top with yogurt and green chilies for serving. Safaid Chana Chaat is even served at vender stalls on road sides in Pakistan. Women can easily prepare Safaid Chana Chaat recipe at home by following this recipe.

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Presently I don''t need to get purchase the Safaid Chana Chaat from the market in light of the fact that here I have the entire simple recipe to make it at home with the great and tasty taste

  • Aleesha saad,

All the steps for the preparation of Safaid Chana Chaat are quite easy which I learn from this page. Insha Allah I will make it in Ramadan 2019 to make the Iftar moments more special with the taste of this recipe.

  • nadia, khi

It’s looking very yummy safaid chana chaat that has the great taste who gentle to everyone for eating that very eagerly due to its spicy and tangy taste

  • Amber, Karachi

However I like low spice foods and for this reason, I especially tell my wife to use spices as low as possible. This recipe for safaid chana chaat also seems very good and I will give it a try as well.

  • Laiba, Karachi

Safaid chana chat is super delicious and is the best for people who like dry food, not the ones with gravy like me.

  • Bilal Khan, karachi