Tang-Orange Kia Sehat Ke Liye Nuksandeh Hai


Tang Ingredients list:


• Citric acid

• Trisodium citrate

• Tricalcium phosphate

• Xanthan gum

• Gum Arabic

• Sodium carboxymethylcellulose

• Vitamin C

• Salt

• Colors- titanium dioxide/tartrazine/sunset yellow FCF

• Beta-carotene

• Vitamin A Acetate

• Folic Acid

• Vitamin B2.


Okay, after the above mentioned ingredients observation. Following is the research and my understanding of the product “Tang-Pakistan.”

1. Sugar

Main ingredient of tang is SUGAR and there is no need to talk about sugar; because we already know and how it damages the health.

2. Citric Acid

Citric acid is more damaging to the tooth-enamel than hydrochloric or sulphuric acid (battery acid) as a whole; according to the Academy of General Dentistry.

3. Trisodium citrate

Trisodium citrate is an additive element present in tang that might increase the risk of renal failure; if used in larger quantity. It can also lead to allergic reactions in certain people. Plus, it is highly unsuitable for pregnant women and new-born.

4. Tricalcium phosphate

Tricalcium phosphate is a chemical compound; used in TANG PAKISTAN; which is also, hugely used in manufacture of detergents, soaps, and other cleaning agents.

 It can lead to:

• Increased urination, • Dry mouth, • Increased thirst, • Decreased appetite, • Constipation, • Nausea, • Vomiting

5. Aspartame

It is an artificial-sweetener used in the “Tang-Pakistan.” Its continuous use can lead to holes in brain tissues; it badly effects nerve and brain development in the fetus, also leads to convulsions, seizures, headaches, migraines, renal damage and cancer.

This ingredient “aspartame” should be removed from the market altogether. It’s present in orange-flavored TANG-Pakistan.

 Tang Orange Pakistan

6. Acesulfame Potassium

Another, artificial-sweetener used in TANG; approved by FDA; is highly questionable. Recent studies have confirmed link with aggravating reactive “hypoglycemia-low blood sugar attacks.

Research confirmed that it’s play a vital role in breast and lung tumors; chronic respiratory and leukemia disease…etc. It’s present in TANG-ORANGE!

7. Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin used as thickener in Tang-Orange is very dangerous for health, it’s has many side-effects which can lead to mild to severe problems in human depending on its amount of consumption.

8. Xanthan Gum

The most typical unwanted effects caused by the gum are related to trouble in the intestinal and Xanthan gum used in the Tang-Orange may cause intestinal-trouble and its frequent use might lead to

• Stomach pain and difficulties in passing stool, • Swelling and skin irritation, • Headache, • Nose, throat and lung irritation due to its exposure, • Gastrointestinal problems and bloated tummy


9. Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is used as a thickening agent in tang-orange; which use can increase your cholesterol, cause skin lesions, allergic reaction, and respiratory problems, even damage your kidneys and liver.

10. Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose

Only this ingredient is relatively safe but still it’s an inorganic chemical-compound. So, I would rather pass-it.

11. Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide; a dye used to color tang; is highly questionable too; as it has been found to be made up of human carcinogen; according to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

12. Sunset yellow FCF

The sunset yellow fcf –color may cause intolerance or allergic reactions in certain people; especially in those allergic to aspirin. According to the World Health Organization; there is a link between increase in tumors; with its consumption.

13. Tartrazine

Tang contains artificial color “Yellow #5”, also called Tartrazine, and has been associated with both breathing problems and hyperactivity.

14. And about the VITAMINS

“Tang is not orange juice with all health the benefits of natural citrus. Tang is a drink that is engineered to taste like orange.”


So after read all this factual-reading would you still want to drink; the so-called- natural vitamin-c rich “Orange tang made in Pakistan!” No, I suggest you eat an orange; instead of it.
Researched By: Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Tang-Orange Kia Sehat Ke Liye Nuksandeh Hai

The concept of flavored powder drinks is not new; Tang has been available in Pakistan for at least two decades and there is also many other powder drink available in the market from the last several years in the Pakistan. Recently a research shows that there are many harmful elements are used in tang orange such as Citric acid, Trisodium citrate, Tricalcium phosphate, Xanthan gum, Gum Arabic, Beta-carotene, Folic Acid and many others so Lets here come to know some harmful facts about Tang-Orange.

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Really? never thought such about it

  • sarfraz khan, lahore
  • Sep 11, 2015

I am so SHOCKED about this IMPORTANT INFORMATION, that how we used TANG and Other powder drinks and got Several Diseases without Knowing THESE FACTS. I am so thankful to Allah and The Author of this article. Jazak Allah. But i feel very difficulty to find here to SHARE option which is HIDDEN also. Requested to PLEASE Avail this SHARE Option as soon as possible so that Innocent People may Know this fact.

  • Pir Asif, Jamshoro
  • Jul 05, 2015

Achi information hai Tang ki. let me try to drink natural juice.

  • Sania, Karachi
  • Sep 04, 2014

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