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مینگو اور پی نٹ چاٹ Mango And Penuts Chaat

مینگو اور پی نٹ چاٹ Chef:Chef Samina Jalil

Kalay Chanay Ki Chaat Kalay Chanay Ki Chaat

Chef:Farah Jahanzeb Khan

کڑاہی آلو چاٹ karahi Aloo Chaat

کڑاہی آلو چاٹ Chef:Chef Samina Jalil

Chana Chaat Chana Chaat

Chef:Chef Bajias

میٹ بالز دم آلو چاٹ Meatballs Dum Aloo Chaat

میٹ بالز دم آلو چاٹ

Chicken Chaat Chicken Chaat

Chef:Chef Fauzia

Chaat Recipes Reviews

Dahi Chana Chaat
umair ghanchi - hyderabad Jun 04, 2018
Dahi chana chaat recipe is something I thought that I created on my own because I used to always pour some dahi onto my chana chaat because it would always seem like it was missing something. Thankfully I found this recipe and now I can make dahi chana chaat guilt-free!
Kala Chana Chaat
hira sami - islamabad Jun 04, 2018
Ever since I found out that the kala chana in kala chana chaat is extremely healthy and good for dieting, I try to make kala chana chaat recipe every alternate day and I’ve seen change myself. My weight is reduced without affecting my health.
Dahi Chana Chaat
maria baloch - karachi Jun 01, 2018
Delicious dahi chana chaat recipe came out amazing when I followed it at home. Unlike other live tv-shows, it is very hard to try to note down everything but here, I can easily make dahi chana chaat without any difficulty.

Chaat is a very popular food item of Asian cuisines. In Pakistan and India, chaat is main food snack of the daily routines. Chaat is a tasty mix of spices and other ingredients. Chaats are of different kinds. Masala chaat, pani puri chaat, fruit chaat, cream fruit chaat, aloo chana chaat, kala chana chaat and the list goes on. All chaats use different spices. Famous chaats in Pakistan are chana masala chat, pani puri and fruit chaats.

Chaat recipes are also very famous among Pakistani household women. Girls are naturally fond of spicy snacks and those with interest of making snacks by themselves, also try making different types of chaats for their families. Whenever there is an occasion, a chaat recipe comes in demand. Quran Khwani, Shab e Barat, and particularly for iftar in the holy month of Ramadan, recipes of various kinds of chaats are being looked for by girls. offers an extensive range of chaats recipes for you. They all are very simple. You just need to gather the ingredients and then follow the steps given in the recipe.

Some of the famous Pakistani chaats include Papri chat, chana chaat, chana fruit chat and dahi chanay chaats. You can find all these recipes as presented by


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