Fruit Chana Chaat Recipe in Urdu

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Fruit Chana Chaat
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Fruit Chana Chaat vidhi

Safaid chana 1piyali
Kaila 4 adad
Khobani 7 adad
Angoor 1 pao
Aalochay 6 adad
Namak hasb e zaiqa
Chaat masala
Orange juIce 1 cup
Nashpaati 1 adad

Banane ki tarkeeb

Tamam fruit kaat lain. 1 piyaaly main tamam katay hoye fruit, chanay, namak aur chaat masala daal kar mix kar lain. Akhir main orange ka ras daal dain aur piyalay main nikal kar paish karain.
فروٹ چنا چاٹ
سفید چنا ---- ایک پیالی
کیلا ----- چار عدد
خوبانی ----- سات عدد
سیب ----- ایک عدد
انگور ----- ایک پاؤ
آلوچے ----- چھ عدد
نمک ----- حسب ذائقہ
چاٹ مصالحہ ----- حسب ضرورت
اورنج کا جوس ----- ایک کپ
ناشپاتی ---- ایک عدد
تمام فروٹ کاٹ لیں- ایک پیالے میں تمام کٹے ہوئے فروٹ٬ چنے٬ نمک اور چاٹ مصالحہ ڈال کر مکس کرلیں- آخر میں اورنج کا رس ڈال دیں اور پیالے میں نکال کر پیش کریں-
Posted By: ~Sani~, karachi

Find out the Fruit Chana Chaat Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Iftar Items. Fruit Chana Chaat is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Fruit Chana Chaat and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Fruit Chana Chaat

Fruit Chana Chaat recipe is a Ramadan favorite side dish that is both healthy and extremely delicious to eat, especially after a long day’s fast. It can be served as a side dish or even as an appetizer. While some people prefer eating fruits at the end, it should be noted that fruit digests faster than actual food so it is best to serve it as a starter rather than desert. Fruit Chana Chaat recipe is a very famous recipe (which is the combination of fruits, different spices, juice and even vegetables that give a sweet and sour taste). Not only is it quick to prepare, Fruit Chana Chaat recipe is also low in calories making it perfect for people looking to lose weight over the course of Ramadan. Additionally, fruits are very important and provide good nutritional values which are easy to digest. You can enjoy this delicious homemade special recipe during your iftar time, lunch or even as a healthy breakfast option.
Fruit Chana Chaat recipe can be made for your family over the course of Ramadan by adding different varieties of ingredients as well such as potatoes and chickpeas which in turn make it desirable for your family. With the given recipe, you will get the perfect combination of sweet & sour, choice of fruit depends on your own preference, you can add in grapes, apples, oranges, kiwi fruits, if available.
Fruit Chana Chaat recipe is quite to make. All you have to do is slice all the fruits in bite-size pieces, put them in a large bowl, add boiled chickpeas, salt to taste, 1/2 cup of orange juice and chaat masala as required. Now, serve and enjoy!

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This is the good recipe available here now at this website that mention the Fruits Chana Chaat recipe by the way that we simple make that at home

  • naheed jahangir,

It’s looking very yummy of fruit chana chaat that has the great taste who gentle to everyone for eating that very eagerly due to its creamy and sweet taste

  • azra, panjab

fruit chana chat mari dadi ko bht pasanad ha ma unky leay hamesha bnati hn or apki recipe use karti hn jo apny kfoods pr share ki ha.

  • iqra khan, hyderabad

fruit chana chat mari dadi ko bht pasanad ha ma unky leay hamesha bnati hn or apki recipe use karti hn jo apny kfoods pr share ki ha.

  • iqra khan, hyderabad

Hey how to make fruit chana chaat and different other iftar items for 8 to 10 people. I have to make some recipes for a gathering on coming holiday.

  • Afham, Sukkur