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Mughal Karahi
Mughal Karahi

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Dhaba Karahi Gosht
Asia - Quetta Jan 05, 2018
Whenever I go to dhabas or highway side restaurant I always order karahi because that karahi is never easily available. I will surely try this recipe because I love dhaba style karahi.
Special Chicken Karahi
Safia - Larkana Jan 05, 2018
I tried this karahi recipe and my family just loved it that they want me to take this karahi on weekend. It is very easy to make and gives that yummy dhaba taste that we used to eat at highway restaurants.
Special Masala Mutton Karahi
Aaima - Larkana Nov 27, 2017
Mutton curry karahi is my favorite recipe because it has the best taste and soft and tender meat. I always make karahi with mutton because it is not only tastier but also more delicious than other kinds of meats.


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