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Tea recipes are everyday part of Pakistani kitchens. Pakistani mornings, afternoons and evenings, all are incomplete without teas. Drinking hot tea is a necessary element of Asian life especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, tea is a must to begin the day. From chai tea recipe to coffee recipes and green teas, our kitchens are always full of tea powders, milk and sugar, so none of our day would miss a cup of tea. It keeps us active, energetic and attentive that is why it is taken in morning with breakfasts. Also in offices and workplaces, teas are served at least twice a day. Whether you are at home or at workplace, you know you would be served a cup of hot tea in the morning and in afternoon after the lunch.

Generally, there are many types of recipes of teas in the world in which main are chai, green tea recipe, kashmiri tea recipe, coffee recipes, herbal teas, iced and kahwa tea are prominent. However, in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, chai, coffee, kahwa and green teas are the most popular ones. If we say, chai is traditional beverage of Pakistan, it wouldn't be wrong anyway. Even gents in Pakistan know how to make chai recipe. Sometimes, when women are not at home, they walk to kitchen and gather chai tea ingredients and start making a cup of hot chai. It relieves senses, it freshens, it is calmness and also a wonderful drink with a wonderful taste.

Let's explore the refreshing recipes of tea presented by KFoods.com.

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This Traditional Tea is one of the best Favorite tea. I every time drinking tea so this so tasty

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Fresh Mint Tea is something that I enjoy when drinking. Now I recently tried to make it and it was tasty. thanks kfoods for the best mint tea.

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I''ve always wanted to learn how to make Kashmiri tea delicious and now thanks to kfoods, I do! I am so glad and my parents also loved it.

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