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بیسن کے پراٹھے Besan Ke Parathay

بیسن کے پراٹھے Chef:Chef Nadeem

بیسن کا حلوہ Gram Flour Dessert

بیسن کا حلوہ Chef:Rukaiya Abbas

بیسن کی کھنڈویاں Besan Ki Khandwiyan

بیسن کی کھنڈویاں Chef:Chef Gulzar

بیسن کےلڈو Besan Laddo

بیسن کےلڈو Chef:Chef Arif Dawood

بیسن کا حلوہ Besan ka halwa

بیسن کا حلوہ Chef:Chef Asad

Besan Recipes Reviews

Besan ki Roti
Rehan - Lahore Jan 06, 2019
This recipe turned out really well. It is a great way to have fun in the kitchen if you have the extra time.
Besan Ka Halwa
Laila - Karachi Dec 30, 2018
It takes a lot of endurance to make Besan ka halwa but it is so delicate and tasty that we ignore the hard work it takes, and still make it for the family.
Besan ke Ladoo
Khursheed - Faisalabad Dec 26, 2018
Your online collection is great specially besan ke ladoo, I want to make this in a couple of days, I will also prepare eid recipes with my mom and aunt and hope we all enjoy tasty foods available here.

Besan Recipes may be deemed as the splendour of Pakistani cuisine. Our household women may not be expert in making a cake or dessert but they must be expert of making besan pakore, besan halwa, besan ki roti, besan ka halwa, besan ke laddu etc. Recipes of besan are very tasty. Though, it is not used for making main course meals but the snacks, sweets and desserts made with besan are simply wonderful with unmatched tastes. presents a huge range of besan recipes from top-notch chefs of Pakistan. You can find the recipe of besan ki khandwiyan by Chef Gulzar, besan ka halwa by Chef Rukaiya Abbas, besan ka halwa by Chef Asad, besan ke laddu by Chef Fauzia and besan halwa recipe by Chef Bajias.

Besan, also known as Gram Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour and Chickpea Flour is a type of flour used to make different snack foods and desserts. It is a pulse flour made with ground chickpeas. Gram flour is highly rich in carbohydrates.

Find recipes of gram flour below offered by


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