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Sheer Khurma Sheer Khurma

Chef:Farah Jahanzeb Khan

Classic Sheer Khurma Classic Sheer Khurma

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

Sheer Khurma Sheer Khurma

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

رنگولی شیر خرمہ Rangoli Sheer Khurma

رنگولی شیر خرمہ Chef:Chef Gulzar

سویوں کی کھیر Seviyan Ki Kheer

سویوں کی کھیر Chef:Chef Tahira Mateen

سویوں کی کھیر Seviyan ki kheer

سویوں کی کھیر

Seviyan Recipes Reviews

Seviyan Ki Kheer
Kashish - Faisalabad Jun 16, 2017
I love kheer recipes a lot and my father likes my this habit. He sometimes gives me cash reward when he likes the kheer. I am looking at this kheer recipe now and will make this on Eid day.
Khoya Seviyan Vermicelli
Ruqayya Khan - Rawalpindi Jun 16, 2017
This Eid, I will make exactly the same recipe. Although I make jaway that is special vermicelli of Punjab but this time I will make this khoya vermicelli. It looks very nice and delicious.
Shahi Sheer Khurma
Sumayya - Islamabad Jun 16, 2017
Sheer khurma is very tasty and I always make it on first day of Eid. My all uncles and cousins visit us on Eid ul Fitr day. That's why I have now learned lots of methods to make sheer khurma. Now I am looking at your recipe and try it soon.

Seviyan recipes are famous homemade sweet foods in Pakistan and India. Sevian (Vermicelli) are sort of pasta similar to spaghetti but with low thickness. Seviyan recipe is famous for Eid ul Fitar in Pakistan. Eid days in Pakistan are often started with seviyan. Though, simple seviyan is the most common recipe however there are many recipes you can make with this vermicelli pasta. is offering lots of wonderful seviyan recipes such as seviyan ki kheer, balai ki sawaiyan, servian pulao, vermicelling pudding (sevian), seviyan shahjahani, qowami seviyan, milky seviyan and many more. Top Pakistani food experts and chefs have learned and introduced many unique vermicelli recipes in Urdu and English.

Seviyan is a favorite dish of kids. As the Eid day starts, kids ask mothers to give sawayian; kids like to sprinkle sugar over vermicellis. Enjoy dozens of unique and amazing sewiyan recipes provided by Scroll through the following vermicelli recipes and make your day a sweet with your chosen seviyan recipe.


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