Turai Aur Anday - Step By Step Recipe

Turai Aur Anday Step By Step Recipe is prepared by KFoods top listed home cooking expert, its a unique combination for vegetarians. Anday & torai is prepared by using an easy to available ingredients and the method of cooking is also very simple to follow. Here at KFoods you can also share your own homemade delicious dishes with thousands of active users.

Tags : Easy Recipe of Luffa Ridge Gourd and Egg Dishes Turaye or Anday ka Salan

By Seema Aleem    |    In Step By Step Recipes   |    2 Comments    |    26347 Views    |    15 Jul 2020

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Turai Aur Anday Step By Step Recipe I tried this recipe and enjoyed the is Fantastic Flaky, juicy,and very spicy Will be make it It was really a great experience to make it at home these recipes are amazing and enjoyed the taste and my family and everyone also like it.

Nov 15, 2018 Mahnoor Karachi

Turai is not everyone's favorite so I was looking a different recipe for Turai, I found this recipe of Turai Aur Anday and it was amazingly tasty. It's different from the regular taste of Turai vegetable. Eggs gave it a new taste.

Sep 17, 2018 huda faisal faisalabad

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