Cooking Expert Ainy Interview

1.Kfoods fans are eager to know about your life, education and how is your home life?

I never planned to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I got my master's degree in Marine Botany from Karachi University and quickly landed a job at a School nearby. I taught in Lahore Grammar School as well as Army Public School in Karachi. I grew up in Karachi but I am settled in Attock city now. After marriage, I was able to stay at home, and so I began to familiarize myself with my kitchen making love for cooking into a reality.

I loved being a stay-at-home mother, and I always wanted that for my kids, Ali and Zain. I have always enjoyed hosting and cooking for family and friends.

My husband is a graphic designer by profession. I would like to thanks him as without his support I wouldn’t have been able to start my website. He is always a big support for me.

"Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and is a true believer, verily to him will We give a life that is good and pure, and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions."[Al-Qur'an 16:97]

This Quranic verse is an answer of your question about my life. Allah has given me everything in life Mashalh. I wish the same for every girl.

What is the difference between dishes of a chef and a home woman?

A chef is someone who is paid to make food... and on other hand our (house wives) reward is praise by our family members and satisfaction on their faces. We, home cooks know we are giving our family a balance and healthy diet / food. I can cook good, delicious food at home daily, not as fancy as you enjoy at hotels and restaurants yet house women have a lot of talent and creativity to satisfy their family members.
Preparing fine restaurant level food demands a restaurant kitchen, lots of equipment, and a crew of supporting staff. When those beautifully arranged courses come out of the kitchen, with clean plate actually that's the work of 3-4 cooks, or chefs, standing around a table and assembling the plate. That's chef work, and not many of us can do this at home.

Who is the cooking expert at your home?

I cook food myself, my mother in law is a very simple lady. She usually cooks simple food like Aalo gosht, chicken gravy, kheer etc. But I will mention here that I learned her simple cooking as well and posted a lot of recipes of her on my website.

If you weren’t a food expert what would you be doing?

This is a very interesting question. I have a lot of other hobbies beside cooking and baking. Pot painting, Dry flower arrangements, Aluminum foil work, Jute work and a lot of similar activities I was involved in, but because my sons are too young so I am not able to give time because of busy routine.

What recipe did you make first time in your life? How tasty was it?

I made bottle gourd kheer/ loki ki kheer at the age of 12. Though it was not so tasty but I remember my parents appreciated me a lot.

Do you give cooking classes?

No and nor do I plan.

What is your message for diet-conscious people?

This simply involves two things:
1.)Knowing what foods are actually good for you and
2.)Then making sure the food you eat is healthy and hygienic. Cook healthy and eat healthy food.

People nowadays like to dine out especially on weekends. What would be your choice?

I do not eat out very often but 2 or three places where i want to go again and again are:
  • BBQ Tonight Boat basin Karachi
  • Clifton Grill Karachi
  • Haji Abdul Ghafar Port grand
  • Monal Restaurant Islamabad
  • Pizza hut and Chief Burger Peshawar.

What should be an ideal food menu in winters? For desi food lovers and continental foods lovers.

In my opinion BBQ is the most favorite food of all age groups in winter season. I always enjoy BBQ and grill in winters. Beside BBQ sarson ka saag with makai ki roti, Karhi chawal, fried fish, gur wale chawal , Moli ke parathe, kashmiri tea, etc are few famous desi dishes normally liked by Pakistani people. Pizzas, Lasagna, baked food, steaks, etc are favorite international food mostly people go for.

Tell us a dish seeing which you get quick hunger forgetting your diet.

I am not a diet conscious person, not at all...lolz. Very difficult question for me.


Brownies, Biryani, Fried chicken , Baked pasta /Lasagna, BBQ.....and much more.

What is your future plan?

Honestly speaking, I never planned my future. Who knows future other than Allah. But few things are in my mind on which I am working. I have got so much inspiration from my blogger friends who are perfect bloggers, so i am trying to learn and improve my blogging skills.

You are a cooking expert yourself; however, which other cooking experts do you like?

It’s very nice of you that you are using the word cooking expert for me, as I mentioned before I am just a home cook, a learner.

I learned recipes from a number of people, they are cooking experts for me. You will be amazed that I have learned authentic recipe of Mukhadi Halwa from my maid at her home on charcoal.

On media I am following two chefs, Shiren Anwer and Zakir Sahab. Few experts running pages are also my favorite Seema (love her cakes), Adan Fatima , Farah Naz and many more.

Whom will you credit your success to?

Whole Credit goes to my beloved mother (who is not in this world now). She was an expert and innovative cook. I saw her trying and experimenting new dishes. What I am today is because of my mother. I am her reflection.

What is your message for KFoods fans?

Once a Pakistani Always a Pakistani...
Pakistan is not only a pride but a deep love for us. Friends, promote and support Pakistani content. Through my website I am trying to promote my culture and food. We need to be united and do something better for our country.

Cooking Expert "Ainy Wajahat" ( Qurat-ul-Ain ) | The girl who loves to cook & talk about it. She also possesses a good expertise in pot painting, dry flower arrangements, aluminum foil work, jute work and a lot of similar activities.

KFoods team conducted an interview with the star Ainy Wajahat which is being presented here for KFoods fans. Know more about her lifestyle, her plans in life and more interesting words of her.

Cooking Expert Ainy Interview

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Love to see the interview of our dear anie ... lovely answers n it shows how she is down to earth person ..... may Allah give her more success in her life

  • Sobia, Attock

Thank you so much ,i am also grateful to KFoods management. For my recipes you can visit my website Thanks again.

  • Ainy, Attock

Chef any aap kay bary main jan kar boht acha laga allah taala ap ko mazeed traqi dain, r ap ki recipe kaha se mil sakti hain ???

  • Nida Ahmer, Islamabad

nice work and it would really help me out in cooking and making my wife impress thanks a lot KFoods

  • noman, karachi

Cooking Expert Ainy Interview

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