Aaj Banai Kaleji Ke Kuch Khas Recipes !

Aaj Banai Kaleji Kuch Khas Recipes!

Bhuni Kaleji Recipe :
This is a very healthy and traditional cooking recipe, to cook this recipe you will need turmeric powder, mint, chillies, ginger garlic, oil, salt and water. Serve it hot and garnish with mint leaves. Click on the picture and enjoy this yummy recipe.

Reshmi Fry Kaleji :
Reshmi Fry Kaleji - It is a rich source of iron and zinc. Here is a recipe of Reshmi fry kaleji. It is very easy to prepare and gives the scrumptious taste of kaleji recipe. So let’s try this recipe now and enjoy a unusual taste of kaleji in this eid ul adha..

Tawa Kaleji Recipe:
There are many people who don’t like taste of kaleji but this recipe have an authentic scrumptious taste and aroma that hopefully everyone will be like. It is very easy to cook and unique in taste. So let’s try this tawa kaleji recipe by Chef arif Dawood

keema kaleji Recipe :
Karahi Kaleji is a very flavorful & spicy recipe by Samina jalil. You can enjoy a scrumptious platter of Karahi Liver any lunch or dinner time. Also easy to cook recipe with simple aromatic spices. Must try out and this spicy Liver Karahi is especially for those people who love to eat Kaleji.
For celebrating Eid Ul Adha Muslims cook absolutely marvelous Meat dishes and enjoy them among friends, families and relatives to add some fun and entertainment, specially kaleji recipe is one of the famous dish that usually cook in the first day of eid ul adha (Bakra Eid). Here we have tried to provide you with some delectable Kaleji dishes that are specially made on the festival of Eid and can be easily cooked. So let’s try these special kaleji recipes and enjoy a special treat.
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This recipe is ABSOLUTELY wonderful !!! You would have to have ZERO tastebuds to say these are bad recipes or just not like liver !! Will make again !

Sep 24, 2018 Urooj Faisalabad

Mene bhi banai hai aj keleji Kuch khas recipe boht tasty hain thanks KFoods

Oct 07, 2014 erm Lahore

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