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Crispy Paratha Crispy Paratha

Chef:Aneela Rizwan

Crispy Aloo Samosa Crispy Aloo Samosa

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

Crispy Chicken Nuggets Crispy Chicken Nuggets

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

کرسپی سموسے Crispy Samosay

کرسپی سموسے

Crispy baked drumsticks Crispy baked drumsticks

Chef:Shireen Anwar

Crispy Bread Crispy Bread

Chef:Chef Tarla Dalal

Crispy Recipes Reviews

Crispy Chicken Broast
Naila - RWL Jul 14, 2017
my sister thought she can make the best chicken broast for the dinner and I was kinda surprised but later on I saw her copying the recipe from your page. Hah! I caught her red handed but she make super dish.
Crispy Chicken Broast
Saima - Karachi Jul 10, 2017
hi to everyone, assalam o alaikum, i was looking for some special chicken fast food and spotted chicken broast recipe by chef saadat. I am now looking into the recipe, I am alone with my some friends and we decided to do some cooking adventure.
Hot & Crispy Fried Chicken
Nabiha - Sukkur Jul 08, 2017
I tried to make crispy fried chicken for first time and I was glad that I made it. I , fortunately and unintentionally made the best fried chicken ever that was way too much crispy and soft from inside.

Crispy Recipes are very popular in South Asia in Pakistan especially. Crispy recipes include the foods which render a crispy feel while eating. These can be crispy broasts, crispy kachori, crispy chaat, crispy paratha, roll burger or anything.

All foods do not have the crisp in them. Chicken, burgers and rolls can be made in either ways, with crisp and without crisp. There are certain tips to add crisp in foods such as you can use breadcrumbs, gram flour and different other spices in order to keep the food item hard with crisp. has a wonderful collection of crispy recipes for you. Scroll through the recipes, pick the ones you like and add in your cooking plan. These crispy dishes would give you more delight when served at iftar. Make them in the month of Holy Ramadan and enjoy with your family.


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